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Hi my name is ***** ***** went to court reguarding a succession

Customer Question

Hi my name is ***** ***** went to court reguarding a succession to my mothers tennancy .my mother died very unexpectedley in december 24 /2013 ,i had been living with my mum since i moved bk home to care for my dad who had been placed in a home for people who have dimensior unfortunatley by dad was ill treeted hence loosing over 5 stone in weight we were told so many lies reguarding my dads health the finile straw came when my dad collapsed with pheomnia and was found lying in a puddle of his own urine 3hrs after the fact the case is still on going as to who was a fault my dad spent sevral weeks in hosptital recovering my mum who was not well her self and and at 76 years was left with the very painfull task of placing her husband of 54years back in to a home were he should receive the care andtreetment needed by a man who worked from the age of 14years till at the age of 72 when the dimenisior totaly took over i told my mum i would move home and look after my dad this i did and sadley my dad passed away on the 31 7 12 with copd my mum was so lost without him she sufferd with high blood presure and heart trouble and at an early age contracted T B leaving her with a shaddow on her lung im sorry this is so long but im living in hope that if the full facts are known someone wil c how wrong it is to evict myself and my grandaughter making us homeless i cant belive that doing the right thing has renderd us homeless when i first spoke to guinness re/ suceeding a tennancy thay where so helpful i filled in all the nessary forms stating that i was applying to take over the rights and responsibiltys of the prious tennant and not to take on a new tennanccy next i received a section 21 addressed to the excutior of the late mrsmp gray stating any one who was in the buildind should leave b4 the 23 of march my nephew was the excutior of the will will that section 21 stand up in court as it should have been addressed to me thay have contredicted them selfs on every second statement thay have said the reason thay wont let me stay is i have a house elsewere this is not true seemley thay were informed by a neighbour on the 22 march and thay rang me to say as i already have a house thay can no longer hand over my mums tennancy to me when i asked wot do u mean thay said that you have to be living at your mum at least a year b4 her death to get the tennancymy doctor wrote to them telling them this was the case and child services also wrote to guinness all i no is thaysent a section21 on 21feb told me that its not an evection order and then said i was been evected because i still have a house in my name can you please please let me no if thay are wrong to evict me rosie thank you
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will try and help you with this.
Alex Watts : Has there already been one succession please?
Alex Watts : Have you been to court and if so, what happened?