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We were out walking our 3 border collies on Hartlebury Common

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We were out walking our 3 border collies on Hartlebury Common when we saw people approaching with their dogs. I immediately put our dog reactive dog on her lead. However their dogs were off lead and one got too close to my leashed dog who nipped. As it was a greyhound the nip tore a flap of skin that needed stitches. The couple who owned the greyhound had commented on the fact that my leashed dog did not look happy as she was snarling. I've paid their vets bill, but I've since received a phone call each day over the last 2 days about this. As my dog was on her lead and theirs wasn't who is at fault?
Alex Watts :

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Alex Watts :

Why have they called you about this please?

JACUSTOMER-4cqf2cjk- : Hi Alex
JACUSTOMER-4cqf2cjk- : Initiallyi received a call last Friday to inform me how much the vets bill was for and I agreed to send a cheque.
JACUSTOMER-4cqf2cjk- : Yesterday I received an upsetting phone call from one Annie Bailey who apparently runs an animal rescue charity shop. She rang on the pretext that I had left a flyer for her shop window. As I wasn't available she left a message on my voicemail asking me to call her to let her know if I wanted my flyer up again this year. When I called her back it wasn't about this at all, she wanted to harass me about my dog attacking a friendly dog saying I should muzzle her. I told her my version and must admit that I practically putt he phone down on her in the end.
Alex Watts :

Ok. So what is it you want to ask of me about this?

JACUSTOMER-4cqf2cjk- : ive received another phone call today from the dog owner Alan Hall who has apparently received a phone call from some friends who know this woman. He is annoyed at the fact that accordingt o this woman I'm saying their dogs were out of control. We had a rather heated debate about it and his final words were 'We'll leave it at that, for now'. He has informed me that there may be a charge for a second vet visit, presumably to have stitches removed and the wounde ax mined.
Alex Watts :


JACUSTOMER-4cqf2cjk- : i've just got a gut feeling that this isn't the end of it and I want to know where I stand.
Alex Watts :

Well if your dog was on the lead and theirs wasnt and it was theirs that came up to you, I cant see how its your fault.

Alex Watts :

Your dog was not out of control.

Alex Watts :

Theirs wasnt on a lead.

Alex Watts :

I dont think you are liable at all

JACUSTOMER-4cqf2cjk- : i am a dog trainer and behaviourist and Meg was a complete nervous wreck when we had her four years ago at 4 months old. This is the only issue she has left and I do not have thef abilities to take her further. I have now started to enlistt he help of an Expert Dog Witness and Behaviourist to continue her behaviour adjustment
JACUSTOMER-4cqf2cjk- : We are taking our 3 out for a walk now, so I will look for your response on my return
JACUSTOMER-4cqf2cjk- : thank you
Alex Watts :

Indeed. I dont think you are liable and therefore did not need to pay any vets bill

Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything else for you?

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** confirmed what I believed to be the case, but they're tryingt to lay the blame with me for not having her muzzled also. I now know where I stand legally.