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My car was involved in a head on collision accident on saturday

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My car was involved in a head on collision accident on saturday morning when i was returning from a party i was invited by a friend to come and meet people to educate them on health and lifestyle issues. By profession i am a complementary medical practitioner and health promoter. When the Police contacted me later, they told me they are taking me to court because they have evidence to suggest that my car got into the lane of the other person as i was trying to exit into a side road from the main road and failed to indicate this resulted in the collision. I do remember that i was trying to enter into the side road but do not remember whether or not i indicated. The Police called this careless driving and said i might be fined for this and might lose some points and / receive a ban. In terms of injuries, i i was checked by the London Ambulance for chest, ribs and neck pains and i do remember the other driver and his passenger also complained of chest pains. Can you please advice me on what the minimum or maximum penalties i can receive? Also, can you advice me on whether or not having high blood pressure and occasional dizziness/ light-headedness which i am taking medications for apart from being the sole bread winner for my two young children and full time studying student? Also, can you tell me how i should prepare for the court and what i should tell my car insurance company. My car is a write off at the moment. I am waiting for your reply. Kindly leave your contact number if possible. Thank you. Richard Eghan
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Are you asking what sentence you will receive?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, and also if there are mitigating circumstances in this case

How badly was the other person injured?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Jo, sorry for the delay in my reply. As far as i can remember, the other person extricated himself from his car without help, just like myself. the passenger in his car also did extricate himself without help. In terms of injury i remember the passenger in his car mentioning chest pains. I did have chest pains too. There was no loss of blood on the scene. none of the injuries required emergency response.We were all seen by the ambulance crew.

Was he taken to hospital?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Both the driver and his passenger were taken to hospital from i was told but for precautionary reasons, because there were no serious injuries as far as i can remember. I was offered to be taken to the hospital too, but the ambulance crew told me if i am not in too much pain i could go home and go and see my GP when i get serious pains, because of the waiting times at the A& E.

If this is a careless drving then that carries either 3-9 points or a short ban.
I would expect 6-9 points. This is a fairly serious fault but it was a momentary lapse in concentration and also nobody was serious hurt which does make a difference. There is case law now to the effect that a court can consider the severity of injuries.
There will also be a fine of 125-175% of your weekly income, costs of £85 if you plead at the earliest stage and the victim surcharge or roughly 10% of the fine.
The Court could order compensation as well but it is to be hoped that they would take the view that it is a matter for insurance.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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