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Driving my car, my sister was caught doing 36mph in a 30 area

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Driving my car, my sister was caught doing 36mph in a 30 area by a mobile camera.
The paperwork asked for the driver's details which were duly supplied.
Unfortunately my sister is domiciled in Spain.
I have been 'respectfully ***** ***** supply details of arrival and departure to and from the UK including paperwork.
My sister did not keep old flight tickets inbound (27.08.14) and has not yet booked her return although this should be in the next month.
They have the arrival date but today insist on paperwork, or a UK address (first time this has been mentioned) or an email address.
My sister is currently visiting relatives and is itinerant..
I am threatened, 'failure to do so May result in the matter being referred to Magistrates Court'.
Best way forward please?
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : Did she not get an emailed confirmation of flights?
Customer: Hello,
Customer: Her flights were booked at home (Spain) so I do not have an answer to that, I can ask when we are next in contact but that is on an ad hoc basis.
Alex Watts : So your sister is still with you if she has not booked her return? Or she is in Spain and not yet booked to come back?
Customer: My sister is still in the UK although travelling around visiting other relatives before she returns to Spain.
Alex Watts : Does she not have a phone or email?
Alex Watts : Is your sister insured on the car?
Customer: She has a 'phone but declines to use it on a cost basis, I have tried twice today for example!
Customer: Yes, she is insured and the car is road legal.
Customer: Question, do I need to supply all this information which follows on from the original Who was the driver' form?
Alex Watts : No. Your legal obligation is to declare who was driving. That is it.
Alex Watts : When it comes to supplying flight details that is not your legal responsibility
Alex Watts : Your legal responsibility is to only identify who was driving.
Alex Watts : But I am just trying to stop it going to court.
Alex Watts : Cant you text her?
Alex Watts : or speak to her at one if the relatives house?
Customer: So they could not take me to court if I ceased assissting them at this point?
Customer: I will speak y
Customer: to her in the next few days, she is fully aware of the situation but I do not want to give any wrong information.
Alex Watts : No they can't, you just have a duty to say who it is
Alex Watts : Of course.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything else for you about this today please?
Customer: Thank you Alex, you have got me where I need to be which is replying to them with knowledge of the law rather than letting them browbeat me.
Customer: Well worth ten pounds!!!! Thanks again, Regards, David
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