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I am being investigated for benefit fraud (Swansea) I was considering

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I am being investigated for benefit fraud (Swansea) I was considering contacting Rodney Hylton potts to help me I am to be interviewed under caution on Tuesday
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : How can I help you with this please?

I have received a letter calling me for an interview under caution and taped for next tuesday I am being investigated for breach of rules and regs in respect to housing ben and council tax and failure to declare income, hylton potts offers to help for fixed price £245 I need help and want to know if this is a sensible option?

Alex Watts : How much is the overpayment? Have you failed to declare a change in circumstances ?

I don't know any amounts or why they think I have changed circumstances, I was asked several months ago about cheques that was being paid into my bank from my aunt, which is for my (ex) husband I am assuming it is related to this. It difficult to know how to proceed without knowing what they are claiming as if I I turn up with a solicitor that makes me look guilty but I know they are not planning a cosy chat


I think the money which went through my bank is about £15K.

Alex Watts : So no circumstances have changed?

I live in council flat on my own and have never had any overnight visitors, my husband lives separately I do see him but we are not a couple


I have been trying to help him as he is in deep financial touble and we were married for 30yrs and have daughter, and joint debts from the past


He has been developing a care system for the elderly and my aunt who is 92 and blind has been giving money to him for that through me, I have power of attorney over my aunt, if that is relavent


I believe that the money my husband received is recorded in his accounts, he is self employed and he also receives housing benefit


I have not told him or anyone else about this letter yet

Alex Watts : Ok. Is £245 a decent price, yes it is.
Alex Watts : Should you have legal representation, yes
Alex Watts : Does it show guilt, no.
Alex Watts : Is there anything else I can help you with?


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