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i am buying off plan direct from the developer. his blurb states

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i am buying off plan direct from the developer. his blurb states that there is a walk in wardrobe specific to my plot, but the sales lady tells me that they "don't do wardrobes" and she is puzzled why that was written. she said she would clarify it and get back to me buy she hasn't.
If I leave it and if, upon being walked through the property immediately prior to completion, it is apparent that a walk in wardrobe hasn't been constructed, do I have the legal right to delay completion until they either knock some money off, or install one. (not purchasing the property isn't an option).
Thank you for your question.
No that wouldn't work as the "blurb" would be superseded by a contract which will
1. Supersede any prior communications, and typically the contract doesn't mention internal specifications, and
2. Invariably provide that the builder can vary the specification of the property.
If you want a wardrobe, you should ensure you provide for it now by way of a specific contractual term. You couldn't delay completion at a later stage in the way that you describe for the reasons mentioned.
I hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you so much for this. Just as a clarification question, if internal specifications are not usually mentioned in off plan property purchases, does this not leave buyers very vulnerable, i.e. if the internal specification was built as initially described in many areas, for example upvc windows installed rather than wood etc,,?
Yes, you're quite right it can leave purchasers vulnerable and some builders do change their specifications as regards ***** ***** etc. Obviously it's not good PR for them to do so and most builders will try to accommodate purchasers and build in accordance with their marketing material. The only way to be sure, however, is to ask your solicitor to incorporate a suitable clause in the contract for anything that you would not want to be changed under any circumstances.
I have to say I do find it odd that the builder here is advertising a walk in wardrobe yet their own representative is saying otherwise. I do think you should clarify this at the beginning rather than bringing it up later on.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
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