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I have been in UK since 26 Sept 2013 on 5 year Ancestral Visa.

Customer Question

I have been in UK since 26 Sept 2013 on 5 year Ancestral Visa. My daughter is on my visa as depandant (age 14). However my husband is still in South Africa as he is with our two older children ages 21 and 20. .. If i had to go back to South Africa to sort out family matters. Would I have to reapply and start all over again for 5 year, or can my visa be put on hold and continued when I return.
How many days am I allowed out of the UK per year in the 4 years as apparently the 5th year you need to be here for 12 months??? is this correct.
Can my husband send through his application now even though I am going into year 2??
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Senior Partner replied 3 years ago.
Hi thanks for your question. You can leave the uk of holidays and family visits as long as you remain resident here. It is only if you leave for an extended period i.e over 6 months and cease to be resident that your leave would lapse. If you want to apply for settlement you cannot be out of the UK for more than 180 days in any 12 month period. There is not special rule about the last 12 months unless you apply of citizenship in which case for the 12 month period before you apply ( which must be at least 12 months after you have settlement) then you cannot be out o fhb elk of more than 90 days and you must not have been out of the uk for more than 450 days through the previous 5 years.