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I'm due to receive a beneficiary fund from u s they transferred

Customer Question

I'm due to receive a beneficiary fund from u s they transferred 4 million 5 hundred thousand into my bank but it was stopped stating I need to get certificates so they have put my fund on hold until I pay 9 thousand 700 pounds is this correct I have 7 days only to pay from Friday 9 January no way can I pay this it's unbeleivable tell me the ruling on this please they reckon this new law came into force on the 1st January 2015 but I can't find this anywhere on Internet thankyou
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know whether you actually know the person transferring the money?
Alex Watts : What is the proposed fee for?
Alex Watts : have you been asked to pay it by western union or moneygram?
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : I o
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : i pay by money gram normally but I cannot afford 9 thousand 7 00 pound s within 7 days
Alex Watts : Do you know these people, or did they contact you online?
Alex Watts : And what is the fee for?
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : they I have been dealing with one gentleman since September he contacted me to help me get my money as I was conned out if it befor and he promised to help me so he gave me the name of lawyer
Alex Watts : Yes have you ever met these people? Do you know the a.
Alex Watts : them?
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : the 9 thousand 700 pounds us for my fund to be sent to me as I have to get certificates no I don't know them
Alex Watts : Ok, it's bad news, this is a scam,
Alex Watts : Its called advance fee fraud and very common online,
Alex Watts : They money does not exist,
Alex Watts : They have asked for payment by moneygram which is the same as cash.
Alex Watts : if this was genuine then it would be by bank transfer or they could deduct it from your trust,
Alex Watts : Please see the following website, firstly the police
Alex Watts :
Alex Watts : And sites dedicated to exposing the scams
Alex Watts :
Alex Watts : If you have paid any money, you have lost it.
Alex Watts : Even if you pay this then there will be more fees to come, taxes, bribe officials, erc
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : But the man that got I touch with me works in ante money laundering
Alex Watts : It all seems very genuine but it is not.
Alex Watts : What does his email address end in, the bit AFTER the @ symbol?
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : Why the papers they sent to bank was from county court
Alex Watts : What does his email address end in?
Alex Watts : the bit after the @
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : it doesn't just ante money laundry unit
Alex Watts : What is his email address?
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : he works for IMF payment database analyst and investigation dept
Alex Watts : What is his email address?
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : i just send email to ante money laundry unit that's all
Alex Watts : yes what email address do you send it to?
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : i told you ante money laundry unit
Alex Watts : ok, can you attach here the court documents.
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : plus his name
Alex Watts : Can you attach here the court documents?
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : I will have try hold on
Alex Watts : ok
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : Hon I can't do it
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : perhaps if I go on big computer
Alex Watts : Can you email them to***@******.***
Alex Watts : i can pick them up once admin forward it to me
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : yes I will try that wat ones do you want to see
Alex Watts : the court ones you say you have,
Alex Watts : but my view at the moment is it is a scam.
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : ok will do
Alex Watts : have much have you paid them so far?
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : I hate to think I have sent the last court one I got sent from bank on Friday 9 January
Alex Watts : Ok thanks. Admin can take a day to send it on
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : Oh god got to wait
Alex Watts : Sadly yes unless you can attach it here using paper icon?
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : ii he ago hold on
Alex Watts : ok
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : I will go on big computer I can't find paper clip on io
JACUSTOMER-0ab3m38k- : ipad ok be as quick as I can
Alex Watts : Ok.