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Ash, Solicitor
Category: Law
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Good morning Alex ... Yes ... I am having NO JOY with EZ Trader

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Good morning Alex ... Yes ... I am having NO JOY with EZ Trader ... My letter to their Complaints Department has not been answered , the (my) account manager there has stated in his last e mail that he would send my money back and as before has done NOTHING ... I have copied my letter of Complaint to another (Senior Account Manager) yesterday ... No Reply as yet ...
Are you able to back me up legally ...??? As in send a Legal letter to this ridiculous company ???
Alex Watts :

Hello and thanks for asking for me.

Alex Watts :

Sadly this is a question and answer site and I am unable to represent you, I can only advise you what to do.

Alex Watts :

You may have to issue proceedings as we discussed.

Alex Watts :

What is it you would like to know about this today?

JACUSTOMER-flzwfkmr- :

I don't think the whole of that letter copied across to you ... Did it ??!

Alex Watts :

Sadly not.

JACUSTOMER-flzwfkmr- :

Exactly HOW do I issue proceedings against this 'orrible lot ...???!

Alex Watts :

In the UK or Cyprus?

JACUSTOMER-flzwfkmr- :

This is ALL of it ...

JACUSTOMER-flzwfkmr- :

To whom it may concern …

My name is***** …

My account number with EZ Trader is 381358 …

After some extremely unsatisfactory exchanges with my Account Manager - Mr Cameel Swan - the e mail details of which I have printed and copied to my lawyer - Alex Watts QC … I have found it necessary to check up on E Z

Traders reputation and credentials …

Since Depositing substantial funds with E Z Trader I have discovered that this company has been operating WITHOUT CySEC Authorisation since the 20th of November 2014 and has only recently had its Authorisation restored

on the 22nd of December 2014 ...

This covers nearly the entire period of my being Advised by , Traded for … and My Trading through E Z Trader as my Broker …!!!

I am attaching the CySEC License Suspension Notification Documents to emphasise that my lawyer is in no doubt about this period of time …

CLEARLY ... E Z Trader as a company of WGM Services Ltd has Breached recent CySEC Authorisation in my case ... and no doubt thousands of other clients …

I have completed a CySEC Complaints Procedure form - As yet UNSENT - It is right here on my desk … Alex Watts QC also has a copy of course …

As a fairly recent customer of EZ Trader I feel I have been Lied to and my time has been wasted by this company ...

As I no longer wish to trade through E Z Trader I need your Offer of Settlement …

I require the Offer - At the very least - to include ALL my Initial Deposits , ALL my Profit Trades (either by me or ‘on my behalf’ by Cameel Swan or others) and the total of ALL my Lost Trades …

Not to mention my time and my Lawyers fee …

I urge you to give this your immediate attention … Otherwise I will instruct my lawyer to inform CySEC and we take it from there …

Dave Ramsay Smith

<Αnnouncement 11 20 2014 for the suspension of WGM Services Ltd >
Full Size Image
<Αnnouncement 12 23 2014 for the withdrawl of the suspension of WGM Services Ltd authorisation>
Full Size Image

JACUSTOMER-flzwfkmr- :

Well ... you tell me ... I need to know WHAT to do next ...???!

JACUSTOMER-flzwfkmr- :

I realise now that I won't be able to use your name or status ...!

Alex Watts :

The images dont show sadly so I cant see what you have attached

Alex Watts :

Can you attach them again?

JACUSTOMER-flzwfkmr- :

OK ???! I have to go out for a few hours ... Let's resume later ...?! Dave

Alex Watts :


Alex Watts :

Thank you. Looking at the documents you would need to issue proceedings in Cyprus.

Alex Watts :

As a UK lawyer I can't advise on that as the process may be different to here in the UK.

Alex Watts :

But you do have a claim but need to issue there

Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

Ash and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK Alex ... I need you to start making this HAPPEN for me now ...!

I need a Letter from a Good Lawyer to this dreadful company ... Stating the Legal Consequences of me not getting my money back IMMEDIATELY ... Somebody specialised enough in this field to be my Right Hand Man ... Please get me the RIGHT person for this ...!!!

Sadly I can send a letter for you. You need to instruct a Solicitor.
This is a question and answer site and I cant be instructed - against site rules.