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gas heating and leak on bedroom ceiling boiler has been repaired

Customer Question

gas heating and leak on bedroom ceiling boiler has been repaired five times
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  tdlawyer replied 3 years ago.
Customer: Hi thanks for your question.
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Customer: What is it that you would specifically like to know about please?
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JACUSTOMER-upez5zj5- :

hi i need a new boiler my council wont put a new one in my heating broke again they putting parts on but ive told them i need a new boiler ive got a big yellow wet patch in my boys room and its starting to smell making us ill

Customer: is the boiler is causing problems to your health then the council must take steps to rectify this if necessary, by replacing the boiler.
Customer: If the council fails in its duties towards providing a property which is fit for human habitation, then you will be entitled to walk out of the premises, find alternative suitable premises, then claim the difference in cost (within reason) from the council.
Customer: That would only usually be for a reasonable period, represented by the remaining term of your existing tenancy agreement.
Customer: Additionally, however, you may wish to consider involving the environmental health Department of your local council.
Customer: They have powers to prosecute, and to require premises which are unfit, to be rectified.
Customer: Whilst it sounds odd to think of the council prosecuting itself, I expect if you start to involve the correct formal channels, the council is likely to quickly take action, in a much more satisfactory form to you.
Customer: Does this make sense to you?
Customer: Hello, are you there?
JACUSTOMER-upez5zj5- :

thank you for your help i will get in touch with the environmental health department

Customer: No problem at all. Can I ask whether you're happy with the standard of service given to you this evening?
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Customer: Please do remember to rate the answer for me.