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i was living with my ex girlfriends parents and while i was

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i was living with my ex girlfriends parents and while i was there i built a extension to there house i payed for most of it and have recipes for everything. when we broke up and while we was still together they said they would pay me back. it has been nearly a year and they have given me nothing. is there anything i can do about this
tdlawyer : Hello, thanks your question. My name is ***** ***** I can assist you with this.
tdlawyer : Did you undertake the works (A) pursuant to some agreement with them, or (B) wiith the expectation of being remunerated?
tdlawyer : Or perhaps, were you doing it simply for the love of your ex?

i did all the work my self and did it as they wanted it done and out of love


but when i started the work they said keep all the recipes and we will pay you back

tdlawyer : Okay. If there was some genuine expectation that you would be repaid, then you may be able to rely upon a very old principle of law, that would entitle you to be repaid in the way suggested following the agreement/assurances that were given.
tdlawyer : The outcome really will have a lot to do with the reason you undertook the work, and whether you legitimately and reasonably had an expectation that you would be paid for the work that you had undertaken.
tdlawyer : how much are you proposing to claim for?
tdlawyer : Also, I should have specifically asked, but naturally assumed that the parents have requested you to do the work?would this be fair to say? That they had requested the work to be done?

i spent over 10000 on the house in materials and did all the work myself. they got a build to do the outside and i did all the work inside


yes the asked me as it would save them on paying for a builder

tdlawyer : Okay. Then my view is as I have set out above. What you could do, is bring a claim yourself against the parents in the Small Claims Court. If you lost, then you are highly unlikely to be ordered to pay any costs that they might incur in defending your claim.
tdlawyer : If you were to claim over £10,000, then if you lost, you would be at risk of paying their legal costs.
tdlawyer : Many people in situations similar to yours, would limit that claim to the small claims maximum (£10,000) to avoid the risk of legal costs.
tdlawyer : The old case that I was referring to, where promises to pay, after the work is done, can be enforced is the case of Lampleigh v Braithwaite. It can be found here:
tdlawyer :

ok thank you i will have to look into it. i think i have it in writing saying they would pay me back


thanks for all your help

tdlawyer : Great. I wish you the very best with this. If there is anything you wish to clarify with me, please feel free to do so.
tdlawyer : Otherwise, please do remember to write the answer for me before leaving.
tdlawyer : Rate (not write)
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