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Ash, Solicitor
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Good Morning, IN CONFIDENCE, please. I have made a complaint

Customer Question

Good Morning, IN CONFIDENCE, please.
I have made a complaint against the Dorset Police. I have received no satisfaction, they closed the matter without interviewing me, I was never given the opportunity. One officer referred to me as a Sociopath, which is a coincidence as one of my believed perpertators had given me a book on 'how to be one'! (I read three pages before I started to feel sick). It included a note to say, Uncle Enjoy the Read). The Police will not talk to me, never looked at the Bank Statements of my late Dad, either. Some of the Banks, at first, refused to give my Dad's financial activity, presumably they were told I was a Socio....., too. Nationwide were particuilarly agressive to me. Leeds B.S. refused me information then apologised, Etc. there were more accounts than I could have imagined. There is lots of other information, like the believed perpertrator didn't visit him, in my home, etc. etc. whilst living with my family. Now what are you going to make of this, before I give up. (Oh, one of them even wrote a letter* to a solicitor (thinking it mine, when I tried ), and reason, my solicitor, in my opinion delibratelly, in my opinion, waited so long that time ran out)!! The Practice has since folded, I don't know why accept that it closed after a big argument with the solicitor who had received the letter*
I did collect lots of evidence from the Banks, but no-one, in the force, wanted to know. I have complained but told to go away. (my words). As I am a Sociopath.
I realise this sounds totally bizarre but it's the truth. (In brief). Have you ever heard of the like before? What can I do, fhere were many, many 1,000 pounds involved. record, and an initial assessment by Social Services, Dad came to me to live, some hundred miles from his flat on their recomendation.
This is not part of my complain complaint. He bought a nice flat which was approached by 4 flights of stairs, no lift. The flat then taken over, though, by another family member, so ok, though I only found out years later. But the problem was, Dad being in his 90's couldn't get in, nor his friends to visit him, . When he was more able I used to take him out on visits etc., and to his special friend.
Social Services eventualy, in conjunction with the Police, I think, recommended he came to live in my family bungalow, some hundred miles from Poole, Dad agreed.
On his death, I contacted a solicitor, asked copy of his will, the fourth or fifth copy.
Dad's mail had been redirected and his will, etc. had been removed from him. His mail had been redirected to another adress and the POT refused to cancel that arrangement.
I don't know how many years that had been happening, and it didn't change when he came to my home. He became a new man, going on little trips and my grandchildren and neighbours calling in . (He loved Asda trolleys and looking at the 'fat' Welsh bottoms, he said). Sorry, but it was a little light in a lot of sadness).
Aplogies and thank you in anticipation.....
R. Bell
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts : my name is ***** ***** I will help you,with this.
Alex Watts : In short there was an issue with your dad and his will. You suspected foul play, reported it to the police, but they didn't really so anything. Does that about sum it up?
JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :

Apart from they clled me A Socio, yes. Thank You

Alex Watts : Ok. You made a formal complaint to the police and they did nothing about that?
JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :

Yes, ta!

JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :

I think that the POA has told that to the Polic and anyone who I needed to speak with, Banks Building Societies, solvcitors etc

Alex Watts : But did you make a formal complaint to the police about how they handled the matter?
JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :

I did complain and they told me to go away, I am a Socio. Closed the Case.

Alex Watts : Did you get a formal response letter?
JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :

Um???? I don't recall it. but I would have thought.

JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :

I have zillions of paper work, still, even though I threw a lot away, it was so upsetting that Dad had to leav his one time home just to get security

Alex Watts : Ok. You need to write to the Cheif Constables Office about the matter and make a formal complaint. This will be investigated and you will get formal response back.
Alex Watts : If reason you are not happy With that you have a right to go to the IPCC
Alex Watts : They offer a free independent service and can investigate your complaint .
JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :

I did make a fomal complaint and all I had was an apollogy calling, then told CASE CLOSED! Similar to the Banks till I put up a figh.

Alex Watts : Their website is at
Alex Watts : But you need to get a final response before you can go to the IPCC
JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :


Alex Watts : That is the route you must take.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything about this today please?
JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :

Thank you Alex, :-)

Alex Watts : Happy to help.
Alex Watts : If I could ask you to rate my answer before you go today, the button should be at the bottom of the screen
Alex Watts : If you need more help please click reply
JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :

Just why no-one wants to listen. I have had piles of responses and nonsence threat, but no-one seems interested. But you are advising me, which is good. The Police said the the SASE IS NOW CLOSED!

Alex Watts : indeed but the IPCC can investigate that
JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :


Alex Watts : Happy to help. Please remember to rate before you go
JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :

No, just THANK YOU< Enjoy your busy day! :-))

JACUSTOMER-h1xuzj3b- :

Bye :-)

Alex Watts : Thanks. Bye!
Alex Watts : Please do rate so the site credits me spent with you.
Alex Watts : Thanks
Alex Watts :

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