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I signed a mailshot sent to me in the UK from a company based

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I signed a mailshot sent to me in the UK from a company based in Portugal. In what jurisdiction is the contract (now disputed)
Alex Watts : my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : I assume you enetered into a contract as a result of this mail shot?

yes. It was in a european directory (online). They are called TEMDI and have been kicked out of switzerland practices. The fees were in tiny print and there was a 10 day cooling off period although they did not tell me the fees until after this. They are now based in portugal and I have a letter from the Lisbon mayoral office that they are I think being investigated again. They wrote to me at my address in UK. The mailshot was in English. I presume that if I challenge the bills that this would be in England?

Alex Watts : Did you sign up online or in writing with terms?

In writing.

Alex Watts : What does it say about jurisdiction in the contract?

Good question. I am not sure that I know the answer without going back to the thing that I signed which was a one page flyer. I doubt that it stated explicitly as I think they are a bogus company anyway.

Alex Watts : How did you pay? Can you check the contract?

I have not paid. I wish to challenge them and am happy to be take to court; the question is whether this would be in the UK or whether this could be under portugese jurisdiction


I have to go now. Will take this up again later.

Alex Watts : Ok, I need to know what their terms say
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