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I have been falsely accused of harassment by a

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I have been falsely accused of sexual harassment by a woman who lives in a different country and that we have never met. I spoke to that woman on whatsapp which started off casually and turned into a relationship. However during the relationship period even though we never ever met, I felt I was being manipulated and I decided to end the relationship solely blaming it on the distance.
My brother was contacted by a law firm in my country of residence asking and I have been asked to contact. I don't understand why am I being falsely accused and that What action should I take to protect myself. I know I am not in the wrong at all and I am being harassed and it's causing me stress.
Please help me out. Thank you.
Thank you question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
I am not sure what action you were hoping to take? Obviously she is making this allegation. There is no way you can make her withdraw it.
All you can do is deal with it.
If she is in the Uk then the police are not going to pursue you abroad.
There is no way of knowing what she is saying without contacting the firm. She will not sue you cross border anyway.
Probably it is no more than a warning that further contact would be harassment.
The only way to protect yourself from a vexatious accuser is to have no more contact with her. It sounds as though you have already done that which was a good idea.
On your primary point, of course it is manipulation. Women like her make allegations of abuse to get revenge. That doesn't mean that the nonsense will be ignored though. she has made this allegation and it has to be dealt with.
Can I clarify anything ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well yes I did stop contacting her believing that she was manipulating me. Why would a law firm contact my brother and It only began today and my brother had to ask me and I am baffled by the fact how my brother's mobile phone number she got hold of and a law firm in Saudi Arabia has asked me to contact them. There hasn't been any police involvement and I just her out of my life and should she contact anyone what legal action I can take because I am not happy that she falsely made allegations against me.

It depends what she has said and to whom.
You could sue her if it is sufficiently damaging. That is an expensive action though costing over £10k if she contests it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Okay and is her lawyer in Saudi Arabia allowed contact me persistantly or my brother if i chose to ignore? Specially she living in UK and I living in Saudi Arabia?
Yes, if those are their instructions.
Probably it will just be a harassment warning
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