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i have to leave the propoerty thats been home to myself and

Customer Question

i have to leave the propoerty thats been home to myself and my grandaughter for over 18months i had a private rental b4 coming to look after my dad who was been abused in a cirtian care home i cant mention as case is still on going i dident give up my tennancy that was been paid by hous benefit as my sister took over at wk ends so i could have a break and have quality time with my grandaughter whom i have sole reserdience of and also my daughter lives at the property the council pay rent for both of us to live there im doin my best to keep short but both my dad and mum passed away and my mum left a will and letter in her letter she expressed her wishes as to me takeing over her tennancy i had no plans to do that to many sad memorys but my land lord raised his rent by 100.00 pound the council said id hav to find the extra that was impossible as my daughter who suffers with sirvere deppression and receives esa was thinking of moving out if that happend thay will stop another 100.00 of rent i only receive 140 pound for both of us my land lord has now thertend to evict us if we dont pay extra so i thought the best i can do is to apply to succed my mothers tennancy i filled in all the nessary paperwork andto be honest was lead to belive there was no problem it was a process but thay would hurry things up i just want to say this was a succession not a disscretionery both have totaly diffrent wording on the 22 feb i received a section 21 i was told thats a standard letter and was asked to produce a letter from my doc and child wellfair services as to wot kind of person i am and lacies well been both said lacie was a very well ajusted child who attended the local school and how it would be detramental to move her again when she was doin so well at school and was very settled i got a phone call on march the 24 to tell me i was given notice to vacate the property on the 23 march i honestly laughed as the girl that was dealing with my case was realy nice well i thought she said it had come to there attention i had a house else were i replyed is this a wind up as she mentioned at the start i would need to get my h b changed over so as not to occure high rent arrears the first judge said he was not goin to tri the case as there was to many contredictions on the housings part and also how thay must of russhed ther statments as in several places thay had to many discrepancys i had to go bk to court and the judge seemed to be in ahurry to get home i spoke to the girl askin y thay had told lies i hit a nerve a few times and she said im no ansering any more questions i offerd to work at ther buildind cleening toilets if need be free and asked that could a contract be written where if i miss even one rent payment i could be evected on that day the judge said he coul do that but today thay said no the judge asked well it seems when all said and donethat the only reason thay have for u to not to succed is this outher house that you are goin to loose anyway he said he did not understand ther reasons but the property was thers and said to me he was very sorry and how people dont always see the heart and hurt people may be suffering specialy when u so diserve the property but as i said to you at the begguining he has to be able to c from the laws side and the property is there property is ther any think else i can do please please if u get time could u just tell me if there any light at the end of this tunnal im broken hearted and wednesday is so near my grandaughter just cryin all the time as to leaving school dont no where we will end up many thanks rose
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
So, in short, the landlord has been granted a possession order?
What would you like to know about this?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i think i coverd wot i could reguarding the balifes calling wednesday i just want to no is ther any way to stop the evection and how come thay made it moore then ovious it was in black and white in front of the judges face he even made a joke about i want to no why thay dident take me to court sooner if thay were justifed

Expert:  Jo C. replied 3 years ago.
So the Judge made a possession order against you?