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there,I have a question about the British Naturalisation

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I have a question about the British Naturalisation process. My wife and I want to apply British citizenship using the application form AN, my wife came over here legally, applying to remain, further leave to remain and now has indefinite leave to remain.
In the 3 years since she has arrived we also have had two children together which is why she wants British citizenship (as her husband and two children are British). We also meet the requirements of having done the life in the uk test, and also has a valid language certificate. The only part of the application we are unsure of are the references.
In the 3 years that she has been here we have moved a couple of times due to my work, so we don't have that many options when it comes to references (ie no neighbours or doctors have known her years, and I don't have many friends myself). We have 1 primary reference who is a mid-wife who is a friend of the family and has met her a couple of times, but our second reference is the 1st reference's brother, he has met my wife a few times and is a long friend of mine but is related to the 1st reference.
The only other option we have is her cousin who lives down south but is related to my wife. We have met up with her once before since arriving in the uk, but they do know each other very well from before my wife arrived here, and they do chat all the time.
So in short, I think we are ok primary reference (professional), but only have the choice of:
1) using the primary reference's brother as our second reference,
2) her cousin.
The application form states that the references shouldn't be related to the candidate or one-another (section 5.1 of form AN). There is also a section on the form (section 6.8) to enter some notes about special circumstances. Please could you advice if you think we are likely to be declined because of our references (ie are those rules written in stone or likely to have some flexibility when reviewed by a case worker), and are we likely to be wasting our money applying.
I look forward to you reply,
Blain Redwood.
In my opinion, both your proposed referees are ineligible to act as such as one is related to the primary referee and the other is related to your wife.
The other referee may hold any other nationality, so if there is anyone living in the UK who qualifies as a referee but does not hold British Citizenship, they are fine to act as her secondary referee.
Hope this helps
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