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A close relative gave up her child 48 years ago at aged 18

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A close relative gave up her child 48 years ago at aged 18 . The male child is seeking access to his birth mother and is being overtly persistent. She has indicated politely in writing that she will not enter into any contact with him. Can you advise please?
Thank you question.
How did he get personal details? These are not normally made available unless both parties agree to meet.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Through Bristol?? Social Services his file was passed by A Scottish local authority and he awaits the detailed file. He has clearly been trawling social networks and contacted the birth mothers husband (not father - but married 47 years and known wife from circa 3 months after conception. Also after determining place of birth and birth mothers details etc determined husband and her were married in 1967 whilst he served HM Forces in Hong Kong. Also indicated on an email (somehow got both mobile tel. number if husband and email details. Husband took initial call this past Thursday and agreed without giving any details to speak to birth mother (obviously alerting his wife). Please note that their own, professional children, both living in Europe and Far East have no idea of the individuals existence. Birth mother has reluctantly agreed to answer one email with questions. Father of individual was not known - one night stand.
All of this is very strange and this person appears to have access to email and mobile details that wouldn't be available in the normal course, unless these details appear publicly on Facebook.
Now that he has these details you can either change the mobile and email numbers although another course of action would be to get a solicitor to email him and indicate that he shouldn't contact you again or else he would be facing court proceedings under prevention of harassment legislation.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This information has now been shown to the birth mother and I have strongly advised that your course of action regarding following through with a local solicitor be adopted if he persists after the single email response has been carried out. Is there any merit of challenging the local authority in Scotland subsequently please?

Thank quick and positive legal response as opposed to advice!

You could try to do so. Normally these things are held in the National Archives and contact is done through the Birthlink register. The local authority should have nothing to do with it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you positive professional responses.
Thank you.