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I received a parking penalty notice on 4 Dec 14, parking in

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I received a parking penalty notice on 4 Dec 14, parking in North Yard Car Park at the railway station in Basingstoke. I have been given a penalty notice reminder from CP Plus, demanding £120.00. I made three separate attempts to pay the fine in December using my mobile time (07738 627141) and work phone twice for which the number os withheld. On each occasion, I was advised by the automatic answering serve that my call had been logged and they would be in contact shortly. Their number was 0845(###) ###-####Lo-call payment. On no occasion was a return call made by this company. These calls were made in an attempt to pay the reduced fine within the 14 day period. I did this even though I dispute the illegality of the parking location. I paid for my parking ticket when I parked and it was in date when I returned to the car, later in the day. I have a record of this. I also have a photograph of the parking location. the reason for the issue of the ticket was 'not parked in a designated parking space'. This is not clear on the ground, although there is a sign on on side and yellow line on the other, both indicating that either side is not a designated parking space, BUT NOT the location I picked. Later in December, due to the lack of progress on the part of CP Plus Ltd, I found their phone number from the Internet and rang it again. After some messing around, I managed to speak to a person. they looked up the details and said there was no record of the alleged offence. They asked me to try later. The next contact I received was the demand for £120.
I do not regard this as a reasonable approach. I reject that I was parked in a non-designated parking space. I had a valid ticket, it was not as if I was trying to avoid payment. I made several attempts to pay the reduced fee, simply to avoid problems, but they failed to allow me to do this. When I contacted a person in the Company they did not have the details recorded. Overall, this is a notably poor performance by CP Plus. I regard their actions as amounting to bullying. Their failure to provide an adequate service with regard to collection of penalty payments is not a reason to demand more money. Their initial position that I was effectively illegally parked is something I dispute, I was prepared to ignore my argument in the first instance, but no-longer. Your advice would be gratefully appreciated.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Alex Watts : Is this a council ticket or private firm?

Hello the ticket was issued by CP Plus Ltd, I assume they are working on behalf of the railway company operating Basingstoke railway statin. The paperwork talks about Railway bylaws, section 219 of the railway act, etc.


I see also the rates of fine increased from £50 for payment within 14 days, to £80 and now its gone to £120.

Alex Watts :

Ok, you can ignore this. The fact is this is a contractual breach.

Alex Watts :

They have no more right to charge you to park than say your neighbour does.

Alex Watts :

They would need to show if it went to Court:

Alex Watts :

1) there was a contract between you two

Alex Watts :

2) you agreed to their terms

Alex Watts :

3) they suffered a loss

Alex Watts :

Even if they win the most they could claim would be £5 or so for a loss

Alex Watts :

But do not be bullied into paying

Alex Watts :

You can just ignore this, its a civil matter, not criminal. Any claim for £10,000 or less will be a small claim

Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?


Excellent thank you.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Alex, I have since received an email from the firm who have tried to issue a parking fine. See the detail below. Would you please provide advice? Note the car was not parked on the hatched yellow lines, I avoided the no parking areas, and a valid parking ticket was displayed.


Their response:


Thank you for your email regarding the above Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).


I will offer the following comments as to why this PCN was correctly issued and is still payable.


My findings


The site in question is subject to terms and conditions, which are stated on signs throughout the area. As these terms were breached on the date in question, a PCN was correctly and legitimately issued.


As you are aware the vehicle was parked outside of a marked bay.


You will find enclosed a photographic example of the type of signage erected by our client.




The signage on site is sufficient and is in line with the guidelines laid down by the British Parking Association (BPA).


The majority of motorists who park at the site do so without receiving a PCN. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that they are aware of the terms and conditions of the site and park in conformity with them. If as you claim the signage was inadequate, the terms and conditions of the site would be unknown to the majority of drivers, and many more motorists would receive PCNs on this site.


What you need to do now


Please pay £120.00 by 5th March 2015. Payment can be made online or by phone. Go or phone 0844 556 0685. You can find full details of how to pay on the reverse of the letter(s) sent.


What will happen if you do not pay what you owe


If the amount is not paid by the date shown above, we will recommend that court action be taken to recover the outstanding balance.


What if you do not agree


Although any correspondence that does not provide further evidence will be noted and retained, I cannot guarantee that we will reply to it.


More information


· This Penalty Charge Notice was issued under section 219 of the Transport Act 2000, Railway Byelaws section 14.


· If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the appeals process you can write directly to South West Trains using the address below.


Customer Relations

South West Trains

Overline House


SO15 1GW




Kind Regards





Sarah Zurek

Collections Manager

Parking Collection Services

P.O. Box 411


SK14 9DD

T: 0844 556 0685