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I have recently found out my father has died through finding

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I have recently found out my father has died through finding it out in the paper,I do not know whether he wrote a will, as there was lot of problems mostly due to childhood abuse. He lived with his younger brother and had long term partner but never married, I am the only child . Would I have any claim, on his estate/assets? If not could I sue for damages due the abuse as a child,as it has affected my whole life. There is a lot to talk about. He may of signed it all over to my uncle or his partner is there any legal way to make a claim?
Thank you for your question.
There are a few issues here. I will summarise.
If your father does without a will and with no wife you as the sole child can claim the estate and everything in it.
If there is a will, th will governs the estate and it's unlikely from what you say that he would have made provision for you.
Similarly if there's nothing in the estate because he transferred it whilst he was living, there's nothing you can do about that.
If you find that there is an estate but that it's been left to others in a will then you could claim for compensation for the abuse sufferd by you. Time limits do apply to child abuse compensation claims, but you may be able to claim even if the abuse occurred many years ago.
I hope that this helps but the first things you have to find out is what estate ther is and whether there is a will or not. You may want to instruct a solicitor to write to his relatives or partner.
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