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I gave a statement to the police on Sunday while under the

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I gave a statement to the police on Sunday while under the influence of alcohol I felt that after I called police I had to go through with it even tho I really didn't want to. Now my partner has a court date which he doesn't deserve and certainly has done nothing to warrant
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know what the charge is?
Alex Watts : i assume it's Domestic Violence related?
Customer: Yes but there want any deliberate injury caused. We had both been drinking and basically bickering all day. He pushed me out the way of the cooker where I was trying to cook eggs. I stumbled over but the push want invented to injure. Plus he caught my leg as he stepped over me but I told police he kicked me which once I sobered up on Monday I realised what happened. He punched out my car window which he has now paid for and he regretted immediately. He definitely did not intent to cause any damage to me or my property. However I felt that once the police were here I had to go ahead with a statement which is totally unreliable and defo wouldn't stand up in court.
Customer: Can I be held liable for wasting police time and can they force the court case even though I said my evidence is no longer reliable
Customer: I am worried sick about is now going to happen to him. I haven't slept and can't eat as literally sick with worry. He is a good man who doesn't deserve this
Alex Watts : Why did you call the police and give a statement if you didn't wabt anything to happen?
Customer: My friends were with me and I asked what I should do and they said call the police if I had been sober there is no way I would have done that and I most certainly will never ever contact them again Plus I was livid about my car so it all got out of hand because of drink
Alex Watts : You can give a statement saying you don't support the prosecution and won't attend.
Alex Watts : But you can't make the police stop it. The case as soon as you make a statement is run and owned by the police.
Alex Watts : They and the Crown Prosecution Service say if a case will be dropped.
Alex Watts : But you can give a statement saying you don't supoort it and You won't attend court.
Alex Watts : The case will then be referred to a lawyer who will decide whether it proceeds.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
Customer: So would the CPS drop it as the evidence is unreliable and I am refusing to attend. There are no other witnesses at all to the incident so it's my word against his. He has obvious denied it because it wasn't as I described
Alex Watts : They may drop it but they may still try to run it.
Alex Watts : But if you don't attend and unreliable then their case is weak
Alex Watts : You can't force the CPS to drop a case
Customer: Plies he is completely remorseful. I don't want his stupid driven episode to ruin his life it was my fault not his I provoked him and I need to get his across to the police
Alex Watts : But remember in future don't call the police or give a statement if you don't want to attend court
Alex Watts : indeed.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything else for you?
Customer: I will never ever contact the police again for anything trust me I am done with them
Alex Watts : ok. Can I clarify anything else for you?
Customer: so do you think in your opinion they will drop it if I say my evidence is unreliable and won't attend court. I did say to them I didn't want him charging with anything just wanted him to get a slapped wrist so as to speak
Alex Watts : It really depends on the lawyer, they may try and press on
Alex Watts : He may be offered a caution
Alex Watts : But give a statement saying you were in drink and don't support the prosecution
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything else for you about this?
Customer: Will I get in to trouble
Alex Watts : Very unlikely. This happens all the time with domestic matters
Alex Watts : Does that help?
Customer: Yes thank you it does so what exactly must I say when eventually the police get back to me .
Alex Watts : You say you withdraw your support from the prosecution and you were under the influence when you made your statement
Customer: Many thanks will so much better now after talking to you
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