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I have been owed over £5000 18 months, have issued

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I have been owed over £5000 for last 18 months, have issued court proceedings which didn't help, was advised to try bailiffs which i paid over £400 for 16 weeks ago and am
still chasing them continuously on a daily basis. I am fobbed off with "will look into it".
My calls are not returned. The Bailiffs have visited the person who owes me for work done and were advised that they were going to pay with immediate effect. This didn't happen, then i was told it would be part payment, nothing and now today was the day i was to get full payment, nothing and no return call. I've been taken for a ride by the court and bailiffs and can't afford to throw anymore money away on people that say they will help me and don't. The person who owes me has the money and means to pay in full, is in business, has 2 or more family cars, owns house and isn't in debt!
Please help or advise, this person has windows and doors installed by me 2 years ago and not paid a penny!
please help or advise
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Bailiffs are not always brilliantly helpful.
Ultimately your options are either to pursue with bailiffs, or return to court and seek an attachment to earnings, or a garnishing order over his account, or a charging order on his house or finally to petition him in bankruptcy.
Bailiffs are usually effective but some people do know how to get away from them.
Attachments to earnings can be positive. If a person is in regular work then they are the solution. Less useful for self employed people.
Garnishing orders are all very well if you know that a person has funds in one particular account and you can get the matter into court before he removes it.
Charging orders are useful for people who own property. Then at least, you have a way of getting paid in full if he moves and a threat that you will apply for an order for sale if he does not pay something.
There is, of course, bankruptcy. Sometimes works. Very easy to get set aside though. Higher risk generally because of the cost.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you, ***** ***** and contact the court again, hopefully they dont want paying again as they didn't do anything in the first place :( i also have no proof that the bailiff has done anything, not even a receipt for the £400 i gave him. Is there somewhere i can go to complain about the Bailiff please. I myself am on an IVA as due to this "person" not paying me for my services i owed the suppliers!

Thank you


Yes, non payers are the thorn in all our sides!
There is a fee in hearing all of these applications but it is a sum of money worth reclaiming and he sounds able to pay it.