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hiya a couple of weeks ago sadly our dog was killed by a car..

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hiya a couple of weeks ago sadly our dog was killed by a car.. though I had bought him for my daughter 30mths ago he lived with us and everything he needed before this accident was done through myself at his home address all vet bills etc was paid by myself.. only been apart for 6 weeks.. within an hour of taking him to vets and he was pronounced dead and leaving broken hearted asking them to have him cremated.. an assistant of the vets without my knowledge who is friends with my daughter changed his address and keepership of him.. they wouldn't tell me anything when I phoned about picking his ashes just said your daughter has asked that I was not to be contacted about him.. and they couldn't give me details because of data protection?? surely my data protection was abused when they changed all his home details as far as they were concerned I was his owner.. my daughter had nothing to do with him for almost 12mths and has not lived at same address since last feb
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know what is it you want to achieve?

I feel that the assistant had no right to change details without consulting myself first.. and they gave my daughter his ashes after I had paid for them.. all they had to do was ask..

Alex Watts :

Thank you. What loss have you suffered as a result?


my data protection I feel has been abused.. by changing details also when my husband went to the vets a couple of days later after he had paid they told him they couldn't give him any details because of data protection.. yet within a couple of hours my daughter had been informed that he had been there and paid.. and she knew the conversation because the assistant in question was there.. we only found out a couple of days ago that she was a good friend of my daughter.. that is how everything had been changed.. I have spoken to another who has told me if she was asked to change details she would have said to my daughter sorry I cannot do that without permission from your Mum... and would have phoned.. I am sure that would have been the correct procedure.. I don't know why my daughter is doing this she will not talk just sends me abusive texts.... i am not after any refunds just want answers and apologies..


i am cross that they took our money before they told my husband that they couldn't talk to him about the dog and wouldn't except a toy of his to be put in with him.. the original cost was £180... because my daughter changed what she wanted for him that went up to £250.. they were happy to take our money.. by rights i think the bill should have been paid by my daughter if she had changed things.. my husband should have been advised about the changes before he paid

Alex Watts : Ok. You need to write and make a formal complaint under the data protection act. They should then investigate the matter and report back to you. If you are not satisfied with that outcome you can complain to the Informatiom Commissioner.
Alex Watts : They can examine your complaint and offer a free, independent service at
Alex Watts : They can see if there is a breach and if you are entitled to compensation
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

i have arranged a meeting with the surgery next week .. what do you mean can you clarify anything??

Alex Watts : You have rated poor service?
Alex Watts : i asked if there is anything you would like me to clarify, or explain ?

oh i didn't understand what you meant by clarify.. no i think you have given me some ideas of what to do thank you

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