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i have been upset by a remarks a client has been making for

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i have been upset by a remarks a client has been making for some time,i have felt that they have been little snips at me maybe to make me react but the nature of my job means i am unable to. For christmas i received 4 weight loss videos /i felt really upset and when a collegue asked me about it i made some very rude remarks about the client and her choice of gift.It now seems that she had left her phone on reception and was tapping us talking, she has gone to the person who i rent a chair off and asked that i be dismissed he doent want to do but we wonder what sort of action she could take
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
If he doesn't want to act upon this then she cannot force him to.
I wouldn't worry about this. It is a private conversation in which you are free to say as you wish unless it actually amounts to defamation. If you were just expressing your view then that is not defamatory.
In fact, you could argue she should not have taped it under the DPA although in truth that is not really likely to amount to a merited complaint.
Obviously she could complain emphatically but unless your contractual partner is willing to act upon it nothing will happen.
She will probably tell all and sundry about this. Maybe that would have an impact and maybe not. Usually I find that clients that are rude and objectionable are known to all the world to be rude and objectionable and nobody really takes much notice. Everybody else is much like you. If you find a person rude then probably others do as well.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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