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Can I take any sort of action against a person who has disclosed

Customer Question

Can I take any sort of action against a person who has disclosed private conversations on Facebook messenger to a third party? The conversations were around a disagreement we had about the 3rd party. It was brought to my attention by the 3rd party who e-mailed me with attachments of the conversations that had been sent to him. This has caused conflict, upset and distress. I have had no further communication with the person and don't intend to but feel I have been betrayed in the worst possible way. Please advise if I can pursue this in any form as I don't think she should be allowed to do this again.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jenny replied 3 years ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today. Have they said things that are untrue and have you suffered a financial loss as a result of this?

JACUSTOMER-pbc82891- : They have not said things that are untrue and no financial loss involved.
JACUSTOMER-pbc82891- : It all centres around a person that she had issues with and she shared her dissatisfaction with me over this in the private messages. She had had conversations with the person whereby she expressed her dissatisfaction. However, when she dis not like the responses received she became upset and used me to sound off to. She also forwarded me their private conversations as evidn cow of what was said between them so has ultimately betrayed him too.
JACUSTOMER-pbc82891- : I unfortunately became involved when I said a few things about the person in support of her as she was upset and stressed about his responses to her. However as I say these were private conversations which should not have been seen by the person she had issues with.

Have you confronted them about this?

JACUSTOMER-pbc82891- : She then sent these conversations to the person we were referring to who was a friend of mine. I was shocked when this came to my attention as all I had done was offer her support and friendship when she was upset and was horrified she had done this. Obviously the person whom it is about is disappointed and upset and it has caused issues between us. My main concern here is her betrayal and abuse of private messages not once but twice.

Hi I am about to travel back from my office for the weekend. would it be ok if I continue this this evening/ at the weekend?

JACUSTOMER-pbc82891- : I have not confronted her about this as I really don't want to have any more involvement with her after such deceit and betrayal. I have all the evidence of the aforementioned conversations as they were sent to me with the e-mail from the person she sent them too.
JACUSTOMER-pbc82891- : Yes that would be fine. Thanks

no problem. Speak later.