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Last summer I wrote to Jo C in Aug telling her that my

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Last summer I wrote to Jo C in Aug telling her that my partner (same sex) had me arrested the night before I was going away with my new girlfriend in an attempt to prevent me from going on holiday. She said I assaulted her and gave a statement. It was after 11 at night and I spent the night in a police cell. I was released without charge. We are now getting a dissolution and I am concerned that she is going to bring this up as she screams about it all the time. She keeps saying that she dropped the charges which is why I was released whereas I assumed that the police saw no case to answer as I thought her statement in itself was evidence and to protect victims from coercion you cant drop charges. Anyway she also screams that she has a transcript or statement of the case from the police that says I was released due to her dropping charges. 1. How can I get access to this police statement about the case 2. Can I get my case taken off the PNC, my DNA removed etc Thanks

Thank you question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Well done out. This is classic female abuse. What this young lady is doing is using the threat of police intervention to control you. That is abuse. Normal women don't do that.
On your specific points
1 You cannot get access to her S9 statement. They serve it upon you if you are charged but it is confidential otherwise.
2 No. The fact of the allegation will always be on PNC. Your DNA actually should have been removed now anyway if this was a common assault only and you were not charged.
In terms of her ridiculous account, there is currently a policy of summonsing. It is quite unlikely that it was as simple as she describes. You would not have been NFAed immediately just because she was kind enough to tell the police that after wasting hordes of public money and their time she no longer wanted to pursue the matter. It is fair to say they don't summons everybody but you wouldn't have been released on this basis with an NFA.
Don't have anything else to do with her. She will have a new partner and he will start being arrested as a result of her allegations soon enough.
Can I clarify anything ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So you don't think I was released simply because she 'dropped charges' ?

Not if this was a year ago.
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