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I have written a letter to the supreme court of Texas, making

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I have written a letter to the supreme court of Texas, making a complaint of defamation per se against two people who live in Texas. One of the parties is an ex girlfriend. Despite the differing jurisdictions would they let me pursue this there?
Alex Watts :

my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Alex Watts :

I assume you are in the UK, is that right?




The way I presented my complaint was I hold an SIA Licence, I sent the court a copy of my standard disclosure and terms and conditions of my SIA Licence. The defamation was I am mentally ill and I habitually harass women. I referred to a report I made to the IC3, FBI Cyber Crimes, where another female subject wrongly accused me of harassment, and a male subject was charged with 3 counts of class C felony witness tampering. The terms and conditions of my SIA Licence are a 5 year mental health check and I need to be a fit and proper person. I have never been in trouble with the police before and the two people I reported both know me well.

Alex Watts :

Ok, so does this show on your UK DBS (ex CRB) check?


yes, no warnings and I have a recording of the male subject being arraigned and interrogated. I quoted the police officer who witnessed the alleged harassment in 2013, the police officer who investigated after I reported myself, from Hampshire police and gave his ID number, and there was no harassment. In relation to the alleged harassment in 2015, it was one communication law, I told them to report to the IC3 if they felt harassed, so there was no criminal intent class B misdemeanour law. I also asked a deputy sheriff who knows all of us, from Texas, to offer them professional advice.


I have nothing recorded against me in the UK, or anywhere else matter, I have never been in trouble with the police before and I am 40 in July.

Alex Watts :

Ok - so there is no record against you in the UK?


no, I attach the full letter I composed. I was in a hurry and only give you small bits of information. I enclosed the terms and conditions of my sia licence, my standard disclosure and a photocopy of my sia licence. I will copy and paste the full letter too, just in case the attachment doesn't work:

141, Cuckmere Lane,





SO16 9AS.


I would like to make a complaint to the Texas Supreme Court, over comments made on Facebook, which are defamation per se against me. The people I wish to complain about and take legal action against are Bonnie Abraham and ***** *****, who both reside in Texas. ***** ***** resides in Grandview, Texas and Bonnie Abraham works at CTC, Southwest Blvd, Suite 500, Fort Worth, TX 76109. Bonnie Abraham and I had an intimate relationship between August and September 2014, so they both know me personally.

The allegations of harassment by Bonnie Abraham were made to her mother, ***** ***** in Grandview, Texas on 3rd January 2015. There was no harassing language used by me in communications on Facebook to either of them. I advised Bonnie and Barbara to make a report to the in ‘Good Faith’ so there was no criminal intent by myself towards either Bonnie Abraham or ***** ***** to cause distress, alarm or concern, needed according to the legislation in class B Misdemeanour Harassment in Texas Criminal Law. This was also one piece of communication so would not meet the evidence threshold needed to be an offence in English and Welsh Criminal Law, contained within The Protection of Harassment Act (1997), where two or more separate communications would be considered an offence in my jurisdiction. The defence of truth cannot be used, because in the Texas jurisdiction, advice was given to them both to report the matter to FBI Cyber Crimes, so there cannot be criminal intent, therefore not harassment in your jurisdiction.

In the jurisdiction where I reside, a complaint based on one communication would be considered a ‘breech of the peace’ or ‘disturbing the peace’ in US Constitutional Law. ***** *****, the third party, then suggested I habitually harass women, which is the defamation and that I was mentally ill and needed to seek medical help. Both of these comments are opinion and not fact. I advised them both this was ‘text’ speak, and verbal communication would be a much better medium to convey opinions of this nature. References were also made to previous complaints I had made to the , this was after a similar escalation had occurred, in Louisiana and Idaho, where defamation per se is a criminal offence. One person in Boise, Idaho was arraigned on three counts of class C felony witness tampering, in relation to the complaint I made to the ic3: I402020509047112. I reported myself to my local police, in England, to avoid causing harm against a female subject mentioned in the complaint, again with comments on Facebook. This escalated in a male subject threatening, attempting to intimidate me and calling arrest at my home, witnessed by Sheriffs in Louisiana. I have a recording of the interrogation, after the male subject was arrested, and heard him being arraigned on these Felony charges. Criminal offences against women, by men, are considered as crimes of moral turpitude; therefore, the comments made by ***** ***** are inherently defamation.

I am 40 in July, I have no criminal record, nor have ever been in trouble with the police, I hold a Security Industry Authority Licence, which is also known as a fit and proper person licence, granted by the Home Office in the United Kingdom. I have enclosed a copy of my standard disclosure, and copy of my licence to work in the United Kingdom, the private security sector. The Private Security Industry Act (2001), led to the formation of the Security Industry Authority in (2004). Allegations made by ***** *****: habitually harassing women on social media, and other aspects of life would affect my ability to do licensed work where I live. Part of the background checks I had to undergo, as well as the criminality checks: included a mental health check, to see if I had been detained under the Mental Health Act (1984), known as sectioning period of six months or longer, or had been subject to Compulsory Measures, within the past five years. If someone has a mental illness and habitually harasses women, they would need to be sectioned, detained, health reasons in a secure mental health hospital. Or they would need to be subject to compulsory measures, under the care of a mental health outpatient’s clinic. Such liable would be defamation, because I will be unable to work in the environment I presently work in. Allegations of this nature would mean my licence would be withdrawn by the Home Office, and investigated to see if they held any merit. Therefore, the comments made by ***** ***** are inherently defamation, responding to the untrue comments made by Bonnie Abraham, as this would affect most aspects of my life, and the damage to my good reputation. Crimes of moral turpitude against women are especially damaging, because there is a stigma associated with these. There is a risk that these allegations could become public on Social Media, therefore other third parties could react in a similar vein that ***** ***** did.

I, in ‘Good Faith’ reported myself to my local police so they could investigate the first escalation of wrongful allegations to the FBI in November 2013, and they found nothing legally wrong with anything I had written in communications to the female subject. There is nothing legally wrong in the comments made to ***** ***** and Bonnie Abraham. Incidentally, I informed Cliff Boltwood, on Facebook, who is a Deputy Sheriff in Texas, and Bonnie Abraham’s ex-husband. Their daughter Madison may also have witnessed the altercation on Facebook, so I asked him on Facebook if he could give Bonnie and Barbara some professional advice over this matter and this also proves there was no criminal intent in my communications. Cliff Boltwood is acquainted with me, because during the intimate relationship I had with Bonnie Abraham, in August to September 2014, I met him and ***** *****, so they all know me personally. I have always acted in ‘Good Faith’ seeking professional advice on Facebook with a law enforcement representative. During the aforementioned altercation on Facebook in 2013, a police officer, Detective Constable Chris Adam, witnessed the information that led to my report. There has never been any truth in ***** *****’s inherently defamatory remark on Facebook: because DC Adam and PC Forrrester 25631 of Hampshire Police, the investigating officer, confirmed with the FBI I had never committed crimes of moral turpitude against women on or away from the internet. There is no truth any of the allegations. This has damaged my reputation and could have serious consequences, because I could lose my right to work in the environment I am currently working in

I will disclose all the emails I received in the one off communication I had with both of Bonnie Abraham, who uses her maiden name Campbell on Facebook and Barbara, when asked their defence counsel. A record of this communication should be available on their Facebook accounts and I reported the conversation with ***** ***** to Facebook, so there will be a record of it with Facebook. I have photographic evidence of knowing them both personally, and it was listed on Facebook that Bonnie and I were in an intimate relationship until late October 2014.

I trust this is enough evidence to support my claim per se. I will at my own expense return to Texas, and seek legal counsel in your jurisdiction. I have a strong legal background in the jurisdiction where I live, and am fully conversation with all Civil and Criminal laws in my jurisdiction.

Yours faithfully,

Simon Hobbs

Enc: Standard Disclosure, copy of SIA Licence terms and conditions of SIA Licence.


I think letting you read my complaint, rather than loosely mentioning it is more appropriate. I have five sisters, six nieces and a daughter so find men committing crimes against women especially distasteful.


I have also taken a picture of my standard disclosure too.

Alex Watts : Yes indeed. If you want to take action then sadly you will have to sue in the state of Texas. You can't sue in the UK. You must sue where the incident took place which is Texas.
Alex Watts : I see you have written the letter. the Supreme Court may or may not do anything. You may need to commence formal proceedings.
Alex Watts : But wait to see what you get back.
Alex Watts : But your letter is fine.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything about this today please?

Yes, that was all. I felt that with the greater cooperation that David Cameron and Barrack Obarma wanted with the pursuit of cyber criminals and the changes to the cyber laws, this would actually work in the opposite way and they would have an interest in pursuing false allegations, especially as one such matter resulted in someone in Boise, Idaho having a significant custodial sentence. Defamation per se is a crime in Louisiana and Idaho, so that gave me a chance of it being pursued.

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