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Have I been over-charged? I had a fixed rate tariff

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Have I been over-charged?
I had a fixed rate tariff & Electric with NPower which expired in November 2014.
In August 2014 I received a letter advising me that my £96 per month tariff would
be going up on my next payment (September 2014) to £148. A total rise of £52 per month.
I spoke to NPower who said they could do this.
I then had a statement saying that I was £76cr ???? Confusing.
At this point I changed to First Utility to supply my Gas & Electric.
The first month was fine although I had several conversations with NPower
asking me to stay. Eventually I agreed. Within a few days I changed my mind
and rang to say I was definately staying with First Utility.
I then checked my bank statement and noticed First Utility had not taken a payment
so I called them and was advised NPower had taken me back. How? When I queried this I was told I hadnt told them in the 'cooling off period', which I know I had.
Long story short - I then had a final bill to end my old account with NPower ???
How when I was in credit of £76......... I queried this and was told that my readings had been estimated, which they hadn't been, they were on their system too.
This final bill was for £220.70, which I paid in two parts as I only had 5 days to settle the account. I had no funds available so struggled to pay £120.70 immediately then £100 at the end of the month (this was in November).
My account was then zero balance.
On the 5th January 2015 I then received another 'Final Bill' for £58.51???? What for???
I then spent an hour on the phone going from one department to another querying this.
Eventually I said I was going to take them to Ofgen . The person I was talking to went through to the accounts department few minutes, then came back to me to tell me they would waiver this charge and my account would be zero balance again and this old account would be closed.
Was the other figure of £220.70 just a way to get extra money from me, as I was at this time in credit £76 with them?
I still have my account with First Utility and am in credit of £100.97, I have spoken to them this morning and asked account to be left open as I'd like to go to them.
But Im afraid if I leave NPower again they will start these 'Final Charges' again.
Thank you
Margaret Sadler
Alex Watts :

Margaret my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Alex Watts :

Are they saying your energy price was fixed but you were using MORE than your monthly direct debit?

Customer: No-one has specified that um using more energy than my fixed rate.
Alex Watts :

What did OFGEM say?

Customer: I certainly don't think I was using more. Last year in had a major operation and was not at the premises weeks. I am the sole occupant of my home too and do not use l lot
Alex Watts :

Ok. That was it - nothing else, no recommendation or anything?


No. I have all the documentation and cannot see where these extra charges have


come from.


Ps. I have not spoken to Ofgem yet, I was trying to see where I stood legally.

Alex Watts : Ok, if it is fixed rate then your tariff is fixed. Clearly if you are using more than the monthly payments you would owe the difference.
Alex Watts : But if you are not then the payments must be applied to your account. The price per energy unit if fixed and that can't chsnge
Alex Watts : But if you use more than you are currently paying you owe that.
Alex Watts : I would suggest you go to the ombudsman if you can't resolve this with the supplier.
Alex Watts : they offfer a free, independent service at
Alex Watts :
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything about this today please?

No. Thank you help.

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