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We bought our new Kia Rio in June 2015 and it has just over

Customer Question

We bought our new Kia Rio in June 2015 and it has just over 12000miles on the clock
Last week the clutch completely went on us whilst driving to the garage to have it checked out as it was slipping.
Kia state that we have been riding the clutch and is there not covered by it's 7 year warranty. There is nothing left of the clutch plate to be examined. We are experienced drivers, my husband 50 years and me 40 years. This is our 6th Kia from new and over the years have had many other cars and not one has ever had trouble with the clutch.
I feel that either faulty material was used on this clutch or it had been wrongly assembled and was riding too high and therefore rubbing away. To have this replaced will cost us £660.00 which I think is Kia's responsibility not ours. Could you please give us your opinion.
Mrs J Elson
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 3 years ago.
Under the Sale of Goods Act, the dealer where you purchased the car is responsible the clutch at their cost as it appears that you have had the car 6 months. It does not matter that the warranty does not cover this issue, the dealer is liable to you by law I.e. You are protected by statutory consumer rights.
You may get a second opinion if The dealer is asking , even though the clutch plate is worn out.
If The dealer does not compensate you cost of fixing the clutch, or if the dealer does not fix it themselves, you may report them to trading standards and/or make a money claim against them in court, which you may do online at
Hope this helps