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I had signed up with an Agent to sell my property in Scotland

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I had signed up with an Agent to sell my property in Scotland but specifically asked him not to go ahead until I had told friends and family in the area as I did not want them to find out by a sign in the garden. I had paid a deposit up front and was assured that nothing would happen until I had given the OK, I also agreed a Home Owners assessment would go ahead. a few days later I had a call from an Operative at the Estate Agents asking how things were going. I explained that my wife's uncles, who stay in the vicinity have still to be informed and I reiterated nothing was to go ahead until I had seen everyone. While I was on the phone I had mentioned that the copy of the agreement was not very clear to read and that part about the Cooling off Period was illegible, she replied with "Why are you cancelling"? I explained that I was not cancelling but only asking on the Contract. This conversation went on further few minutes, her asking why I was cancelling and me explaining that I was not but asking as most of the contract, I could not make out as it was very smudged. I eventually ended up because of her attitude cancelling, and was told it would have to be put in writing, which I did and followed up with an e-mail that same day I also agreed to pay the difference of the deposit and home buyers report to finalise our deal. Where do I stand as they are asking balance outstanding of £593.20
Thank you question.
What is the quantification of the £593.20.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

They said this is Home Buyers Report. But when I eventually ended up cancelling the Contract, I said that the difference between the first instalment of the total costs, approx. £350 ish and the Home Buyers Report I would pay the Difference. A phone call yesterday I was told this was Marketing. I told them at first meeting to wait till I had contacted all friends and family before doing anything regarding the sale of my property.

Because you didn't authorise marketing until you gave them the go ahead all you are responsible the Home Report and something time in taking any photos and drafting a schedule. Offer them the cost of the HR plus £150 less th deposit you paid. That would appear reasonable to cover their time.
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