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I had a DBS certificate come through with 3 convictions

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I had a DBS certificate come through with 3 convictions against my name from 32 and 27 years ago, I have disputed it and fortunately there are fingerprints on file of whoever did the crimes which I will be called in to have my prints taken then get a clean certificate. However I strongly suspect it was somebody I knew all those years ago who used my details. I desperately need to know how to clear my name from court records if this is the case and want to know if the police would let me see a photo of who was convicted so I can be sure it was them who used my details, I have a job offer which was supposed to start Monday but is on hold until I get a clean certificate. I called 101 who said that if it wasn't me after the prints have been taken then it would be me who had to raise the investigation. Please can you give advice, I know about the DBS dispute process so don't need that, my interest is how to clear my name from convictions that did not happen to me. I know that the person is still around and at the same address, will the police be interested in someone being convicted in a false name because they used mine
Alex Watts : my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : Are they actual convictions?
Customer: Yes three actual convictions
Customer: are you still there?
Customer: My screen says that you are awaiting me but I have replied, my email is *****@******.*** I hope I have not been duped
Customer: Ok looks like I have been taken for £38 as it says you have stepped out of the chat, my fault such an idiot. I won't give bad rating, just will say God bless you.
Customer: Looks like I have to rate to exit so sorry you will get the worst as you did not help at all
Alex Watts : So you have 3 convictions, were they ever appealed?
Customer: Ok you are back thank you. ***** NOT MINE I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN TROUBLE WITH THE POLICE this was only discovered on Monday when the DBS certificate came back
Alex Watts : Ok. But they show as convictions on the DBS?
Alex Watts : i may be on and offline as I am on the train
Customer: Yes there are 3 please read my initial question as it explains everything. I believe somebody used my details all those years ago, as said please read my initial questions thank you
Customer: Ok you are on train understand now sorry thought it was a scam as you disappeared
Alex Watts : So when you made the formal appeal, what happened?
Customer: I have not made an appeal as said these were only discovered Monday. I will explain again, it would appear that in 1982 and 1988 somebody use
Customer: somebody used my details and was convicted in my name. The fingerprints will clear me as that is in process, but how do I clear my name from court records, will the police still investigate that the person gave false details (my details) please read original questions as I am getting frustrated
Alex Watts : So you haven't sent anything to DBS appealing the information held?
Customer: That is in the process , so yes, again I know the DBS dispute process and I am in the process of it.they will require me to come to a station to have my fingerprints take. Because the person who did the crimes is not me the fingerprints will not match the ones attached to the police files and so my certificate will come back clear. HOWEVER even though I will be clear, that still means my name is ***** ***** records and the person is who I suspect used my details is not recorded as having done the crime. So I will repeat the question again very last time. Will the police want to investigate the real criminal when it is proved the details they used were false as they gave my name not their own ? And secondly how do I go about clearing my name from court records ?
Alex Watts : You need to ask copy of the memorandum of conviction from the court
Alex Watts : If you can follow the dispute process which is what you need to do.
Alex Watts : the police may well want to investigate the real crime. But some crimes have a time limit, so may not be able to be prosecuted
Alex Watts : Some have a time limit of 6 months, but if the original conviction wrong then yes they can investigate it.
Alex Watts : does that answer your question
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything about this today please?
Customer: Thank you that is fine. That is what I needed to know
Alex Watts :

Great. If I could ask you to rate my answer before you go today, the button should be at the bottom of the screeen

Alex Watts :

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