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/Madam, I was very grateful advice the

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Dear Sir /Madam, I was very grateful for your advice the other day and was obviously unhappy about the news that there may not be much I could do to recover my money,but it did not come as a shock that Dale R Walker were also involved in this unscrupulous and criminal scam. I have written an email to the official receiver on the email address that you sent me and hopefully they will acknowledge receipt of my detailed account of my dealings with The Property Partnership and Dale R Walker Solicitors. I can understand that the land may not be worth a huge amount but providing the Land registry deeds are genuine, I am still the owner of the plot, and wondered if I could sell it on or somehow join forces with all the other unfortunate investors on that particular land site to jointly move forward in a positive way. I eagerly wait, to see what the response of the official receivers are. Thank you again for your assistance and advice. Unfortunately I will not afford to take up membership as I feel I cannot afford this luxury. With kind regards, ***** ***** have taken advantage of the free question offer. XXXX XXXXXX

Hello Noel and thanks for getting back in touch.

I would certainly hope the Land Registry title has been registered in your name and if so, this does mean you are the legal owner of the Plot, and therefore free to do with the land as you so wish, whether it to sell it or join forces and sell on a joint basis.

The practical downside is that the land is no doubt pretty worthless, so it is whether you can indeed find a Buyer to buy your Plot/other Plots.

I hope it goes OK for you.

Kind Regards


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Al,

Thank you very much for your professional advice. As far as I know The Land Registry Deeds are authentic. I suppose the prospect of getting in touch with even one of the investors, let alone all of the unfortunate investors, would be a long shot as The Property Partnership would be the only ones with this information. Without all of our joint efforts we may not be a force to be reckoned with, as we must all own a plot each or so, and there are 120 plots, of two different sizes on the Spink Lane site, in Pickmere Cheshire. They are 0.03 acres and 0.05 acres, mine is one of the latter and plot number 102.

If and when I hear from the Official Receivers, I would like to let you know, and see if there is any positive outcome to this very unfortunate ordeal. I may be clutching at straws but I have come this far despite all the obstacles and lack of news and help.I could have given up a long time ago.

Thank you again for your positive input, even if I get nowhere you have been a breath of fresh air, and enabled to see a glimmer of light however small the light may be.

With kind regards,


Thanks Noel.

Good luck to you.

If you ar ehappy with my Answer, I would be grateful if you could leave positive feedback.

Kind Regards


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