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I send my additional grounds documents to home office after

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I send my additional grounds documents to home office after receiving One stop warning with additonal grounds n Is 75 n is76 last year May 2014 what outcome you predict n how long. I am in this country from last 16 years illegally.  Also Iam going to report  evry month to the reporting centre.  My all applications refused before.

, thank you question, I will be happy to help you today.
Do you have any child or partner in the UK?
On what basis were your previous application refused?
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I came Uk in April 1999 on a visitor visa n then overstayed. My wife was in India n she passed away after I arrived here in 1999. I been stopped by immigration people at train station in the month of January 2008 n they serve me IS151 n immediately I lodged my FLR (O) application which was refused after they asked me more information after one n half year. They gave me ROA which was not been exercised by my solicitor n he send them another application which was again refused after one year. Then I changed my solicitor n my new solicitor send them representation under human rights under article 8. Then he send them another representation under Rauz Zambarno case coz I was a Prime carer of my landlord who was suffering with various medical problems. HO gave of COA with right to work in this country. I got Insurance number n worked untill my application was outstanding. They refused my this application after10months. Then I changed my solicitor n they requested them ROA outside late time period which was refused n time I started feeling sick with a lot of depression n anxiety n I been diagnosed with Diabetic Type 2. I been reffered by my GP to mental hospital n treatment. From one year Im on lot of medications i.e. , anxiety, chelestrol, diabetic type 2, back problem, B12, vitamin D etc etc .......I send them additional grounds documents after receiving One Stop Warning n IS75 n 76 in the month of May 2014. But till date did not hear anything

Thank you reply.
Your history does seem very complex and unfortunately. I believe that it all dependents on how the home office views your most recent issues, I do not believe that what you are suffering from will be enough to issue you with leave to remain in the UK, however, judging by the fact that you have been in the UK years the home office will need to bare in mind your private life.
What usually happens with complex cases like yours is that they are deal with a supervisor and not the usual staff who deal will less complicated matters. I believe that although your medical conditions are extensive you are able to obtain medical assistance from your home country to assist you with curing them. Your case is most likely to be examined regarding the fact that you have been in the UK years and should be issued with some type of visa.
Because your case is complex it could take 12 - 16 months to deal with, what I would recommend you do is get your solicitor to write to the home office update or get him to submit any further documents which further back up the fact that you should be allowed to remain in the UK.
I hope this answers your question if however you feel that the answer does not cover all the points raised in your question please do not hesitate to ask further questions until you are satisfied with my answer.
Kind regards
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