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Alex J.
Alex J., Solicitor
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I worked in Saudi British/American company and

Customer Question

I worked in Saudi British/American company and came home at Xmas on authorised leave and was expecting my salary to be paid on the 30th December but to date they have not paid me. They said I had provided incorrect IBAN information but my bank can find no trace of any amount even being sent.
Can you please advise.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Alex J. replied 3 years ago.
Alex J. :

, Thank you question and welcome. My name is ***** ***** I will assist you. How much are you owed? Do you still work there? Did you give them the IBAN number in writing? Kind regards AJ

JACUSTOMER-j9klvf32- : I am owed just over £4,000. Yes I provided them with all my bank details in writing, my IBAN no and subsequently more details of the same. I was informed on the 6th January not to return to Saudi as they had terminated my probationary period. j had been working since 25th November 2014. As I only had a single exit and entry visa I was scared that if I went back and faced them I would not be allowed to leave the country without an exit visa.
Alex J. :

, Thank you. If it is British American company do they have offices in England? Do you have a written contract with them? Kind regards AJ

JACUSTOMER-j9klvf32- : again
Alex J. :

JACUSTOMER-j9klvf32- : No offices as far as I am aware as they are a separate entity. I wouldn't sign the written contract which I have because I was querying the hours of work was different to ther T & C s I went out there on.
JACUSTOMER-j9klvf32- : B
Alex J. :

, Thank you. What is their connection to England?

JACUSTOMER-j9klvf32- : Various organisations put bids into Colleges of Excellence UK one of which was Laureate Vocational KSA and was successful and have to be registered with Saudi government to enable them to work in KSA. Laureate is who I worked Riyadh. does that help?
Alex J. :

, Thank you. If they wont pay you, you can sue them, the problem is you will have to serve them abroad from the UK. This may slow things down. Have you as a starting point provided them with a formal demand ?

Alex J. :

Have you made a complaint to Colleges of Excellence?

JACUSTOMER-j9klvf32- : Yes I've made a demand and they keep giving me excused. I have not contacted the COE yet but will do.
Alex J. :

, Thank you. Clearly they are not taking your demand seriously - if they do not pay up in seven days you should:

Alex J. :

1. Consider asking a solciitor to send them a letter - seeing a demand on headed paper from a solicitor will give the added gravitas that you have been advised and they should take you seriously;

Alex J. :


Alex J. :


Alex J. :

2. You should commence a court claim against them money. You are the defendant and have not signed a contract so are entitled to commence proceedings in your home jurisdiction.

Alex J. :

JACUSTOMER-j9klvf32- : Thanks a lot Alex and will do.
JACUSTOMER-j9klvf32- : Barbara
Alex J. :

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist any further. Any feedback is gratefully received.

Alex J. :

Kind regards AJ