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I helped pay an ex partners legal fees in 2013, a total amount

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I helped pay an ex partners legal fees in 2013, a total amount of £4023.It was agreed she would pay me back at the rate of £100 per month and first 3 months she did, then from July 2013 I received no more payments from her.In July 2014 we split up and she promised me in a txt message she would pay every penny back that she owed.In December 2014 I had to contact her informing her that I wanted the debt paying off,she gave me £100 saying it was all she could afford this side of Christmas and would give me more after.Two months have passed and I've had to contact her again about the debt and now she is saying that she can only pay me back what she can afford or I take her to court but I can't have what she hasn't got. Advice please
Thank you question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Never lend your parnters money. Good women put money on the table that they have earned through honest toil rather than claiming from other men. You are not responsible parnter's financial situation.
Are you asking if you can sue?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes,what would be my chances if I take her to court in an effort to recover the money

Is she working?
It always amazes me that some women seem to think it is everybody else's problem if they can't afford payments.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes she does work but only 16 hrs per week,she has an outstanding bank loan as well which she took out to pay her legal fees,the loan was £4500 at the time which I believe she is still paying and when this was exhausted, that when she asked me if I could help her out with the solicitor bills

You can sue her. I would actually in your position. The threat that she is implying is that although you will get a CCJ you may find it harder to get the money. That is, of course, true. She clearly has her wits about her in a devious sort of way. However, a CCJ will upset her credit rating years which will be an issue the next time she needs to borrow money. Further, if you don't have a CCJ you do not have any chance of enforcing this.
You can her here
There is a charge but it is not expensive and you can claim it back from her.
You will get an order demanding payment within 28 days. The onus will then be on her to offer payments in instalments. She probably will get that and it probably will be a low amount but it is better than nothing as and when it suits her.
Can I clarify anything ?
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