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Can I sue a company that question my 11 year old nephew in

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Can I sue a company that question my 11 year old nephew in the stir about a packet of polos that he had put in my basket , and without me knowing until we got out side he told me that the manage had stop him in the stir had was asking him where the polos was .
When we got outside he was a bit white and I asked him if he was ok .
That's when he told me what had happen .
I went back in and asked to speak to the manage . He was so rude I told him he had no right to question a 11yo boy . And that the polos was in my basket and had been paid for .
I asked him to apologies but he refused .
He was so upset that when I got home I called the head office and was told he should not have done this and he had not left the store.
Can I sue him now .
Any help would be good .
I'm so mad over this and if it cost me lots of money I will sue !!!
Thank you for your question.
Was any specific false accusation made by anyone towards you or your nephew?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi no he was just stopped in the store by the manager .
Who asked he where the polos was that he had seen him take off the self .
He told him that he had put them in my basket .
But he still question him about it asking where I was and that he did not believe him .
At the time I was not aware of this until I got out side and could see that he was upset .
I went back in and asks the manager why he did that and I think he should apologise to him , and he refused .
I then called head office and was told that he had no right to do this to a 11 year old and the fact he was still in the store and it's what children do take goods of the self and put the in parents baskets .
No you can't sue. You have cause for complaint but not for damages as there is no financial loss to you or your nephew.
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