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daughter in car with 3 children on major road, was indicating

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daughter in car with 3 children on major road, was indicating to turn left into side road but cancelled indicator as realised wanted to go straight on. car from side road turned into her causing an accident. Their insurance company on phone admitted liability but now saying they are not liable. The driver of other vehicle wasn't looking but having previously seen indicator assumed he could go. Surely his and his insurance companys fault?
LondonlawyerJ :

Hello I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to help you with this.


Thank you- Obviously I only want to pay the £38 though so does this chat cover that please?

LondonlawyerJ :

I hope this is about damage to vehicles and no one has been hurt. The answer to this will depend on the precise facts. How fast was your daughter going and how far away from the junction did she change her signal. However the starting point is that the person who will sort of the side road must be sure it is safe to do so. There is clearly a good deal of blame on the part of the other driver but there may be some contributing negligence from your daughter.

LondonlawyerJ :

What you have paid should cover this chat (although I am just answering questions not involved on the billing side of this)..


Thank you. The road is 40MPH and she was doing just under 40MPH. the other insurers are now saying she slowed down but my daughter is honest and states she didn't. I do not know exactly when she cancelled her indicator but assume 100 yards or so- I will check that. The junction is notorious for issues and I myself have come out of it to turn right onto main road and know how fast a car coming can be upon you.

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