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Good afternoon Yesterday morning while driving my car from

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Good afternoon
Yesterday morning while driving my car from my home to a storage unit I was stopped by a two police officers in large police vehicle. One officer approached my car and was most curt and rude asking where are you going, why are you going, why are you carrying what appears to be builders tools etc when you only have s,d & p insurance. The other officer opened the rear door of my estate car and rummaged about. I was totally confused. I am femail, middle class, middle age and was purely moving stuff of my own from my home where I had some work carried out. Some tools, chairs, gardening stuff and some dust sheets. The policeman who spoke to me was really scary. He kept repeating his questions, what is the purpose of your journey again and again! He eventually said " Well I will take your word for it today but I will look out for you and if I see you again then I will seize your car ! I have had a sleepless night and do not understand any of this.
What should I do? I feel threatened and quite scared and almost too fearful to drive out now.
Thank you for your question.
The police aren't allowed to do this. We don't live on a police state. They had no warrant and had no reasonable reason to stop you and search your car, let alone ask the questions they did.
You must go through the complaints process because if you don't they will do this again to others. Insist on seeing the duty inspector and say you intend to lodge a formal complaint. Do so. They will probably try to resolve it by issuing the officers with a warning about their conduct but it would be wrong to do nothing in my opinion.
Happy to discuss further.
Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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