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I was selling a car on eBay. A persistent enquirer kept

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I was selling a car on eBay.
A persistent enquirer kept messaging me to give me his phone number.
Foolishly I did so. He was an unpleasant character who coerced me into taking my car off ebay and agreeing to sell it to him for a much reduced price. I was totally conned, just like you hear re people being phoned about viruses on their computers etc. He was very skilled- Mr nice one moment, then Mr aggressive. I am under the care of the community mental health team, not emotionally well and fell for his tactics. Over the phone he got me to write out and email him an agreement to sell (a contract?) and told me when he had received it. He then phoned and insisted on staying on the line while he instructed me to cancel my advert on ebay. I felt extremely intimidated and dont know why I didnt just put phone down. I knew he would ignore the agreement to sell/ contract (6th sense) and beat me down further on price when he came to collect the car and felt sick and ashamed. He bullied my into all of this.
This morning I therefore contacted him to say I was aware of his tactics and what he had done yesterday. I have found out it is fraud to remove an advert from ebay and sell privately which is what he coerced me into. I told him I had no wish to sell him my car. He has harassed me so much today, the police are now involved- some 30 texts, 17 voicemails, threats of legal action and implied physical harm. The police advised me to tell him to stop as it was harassment, but to no avail. He says he has my picture, knows where I live and will be here in the morning to take the car. The police are on their way to take a statement. He is threatening all sorts of legal action and saying I cant use or sell the car now as it belongs to him, but he bullied me into all of this and literally dictated to me the contract/ intent to sell and told me to e-mail it to him.
I cant believe how foolish I have been. He is so polished and I suspect he does this all the time to car sellers on eBay (let slip he was a "bit" of a dealer).
Where do I stand, esp re supposed contract which he is threatening to take me to the cleaners over?
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : Has he actually paid anything?

Hi, no money has been exchanged


This is what he got me to email him


Full Size Image
To Mr Jamie Maxwell
This is to put in writing the agreement we made over the phone tonight, namely that I sell my
Freelander (reg AO05 UEE) to you for the sum of £700.00 cash. I understand you will be here
to purchase on Monday 9th Feb.
Ian Hogg

Alex Watts : You have informed the police yes?

yes about his harassment and threats. they advised me to text him to say it was harassment and to request him to stop. This made no difference. He said he had a police friend who would get my address in his text, then told me he had got it, together with my picture from ebay and has made very threatening comments by text- he says the car is his and he will be here to take it in the morning. Because he is now effectively threatening to appear on my doorstep in the morning the police are coming to see me tonight and also because reuquest to stop harassment was totally ignored

Alex Watts : Don't worry, this is harassment, if he turns up - call the police
Alex Watts : If he threatens you, call the police.
Alex Watts : indeed if you wanted to you could get an injunction to stop him!
Alex Watts : if he is calling your mobile you should be able to block his number so you don't get the text messages and calls.
Alex Watts : But you should not feel threatened.
Alex Watts : Do not be brow beaten.
Alex Watts : If he turns up just call the police. Don't open the door is speak to him
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please

will do, but how strong is the supposed contract he got me to write? Thanks had not thought of injunction. He says I owe him the car, it is his and I am in breach of contract and he is going to see his solicitor tomorrow and sue me

Alex Watts : You don't owe him anything
Alex Watts : don't worry
Alex Watts : He can see his solicitor but it's a small claim.
Alex Watts : not worth the time spent seeing a solciitor or the costs
Alex Watts : Does that help.?

It does thanks- so you dont think Ill be taken to court for breach of contract.Thanks for puitting mind at rest

Alex Watts : unlikely.
Alex Watts : this person just sounds nasty and mean.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything else for you?

That is it thank you

Alex Watts : if I could ask you to rate my answer before you go today, the button should be at the bottom of the screen
Alex Watts : if you need more help please click reply

Thanks Alex

Alex Watts : thank you too


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