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I was commissioned by the BBC in 1997 to write children's short

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I was commissioned by the BBC in 1997 to write children's short story based on the deeds of Gladys Alyward in China. The contract stipulates the BBC has copyright for a year.
I am now writing my own version of Gladys Alyward's story but I desperately need to be sure there'll be no liabilities from anyone associated with the BBC, Gladys Alyward and one other character who was also a missionary. Gladys and Jeannie were dead for some time now. I also made some comments about Gladys being misunderstood and not allowed to enter China then. The story s=is written from my imagination as fiction. I wrote using the voice of Glady's adopted Chinese orphan. Apart from using Gladys' and Jeannie's real names, other names are ***** ***** though the mandarin is referred to as 'the mandarin.' There's also mention of the China Inland Mission thigh I 've changed their name sightly. Please can anyone advise if I am safe from being sued in any way?
Thank you for your question.
If the copyright on what you did was only licenced to the BBC for a year then there is no issue there. However, from your narrative what you are now writing is a different work completely albeit the subject matter is similar for that reason the new work will be entirely owned by you from a copyright point of view.
Dealing with liability generally, you can't be sued is the work is fictional or, if non fictional, does not defame any living person. Again from your narrative I don't think you have anything to worry about.
I hope this helps.
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Thank you so much.

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