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Ben Jones
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about 2 years ago i tired to claim ppi that was sold

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hello about 2 years ago i tired to claim ppi that was sold to me when i took a loan out i went with a no win no fee company my claim was rejected , i have now just been contacted by the bank that i took the loan out with they have reassessed my claim and have decided to pay out , do i have to contact the no win no fee company and pay them their percentage many thanks steve
Ben Jones :

Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. Have you checked your agreement with them to see if there is a time limit during which you must pay them if you get compensation?


i cant remember when i got rejected i did not keep any of the agreement paperwork i throw it all away

Ben Jones :

The likelihood is that if your pay out was given as a result of the claim you made with the PPI company then you would owe them the commission, even if the claim was originally rejected. What you could do is ask the bank to clarify whether the pay out was as a result of your initial claim to them or if it was done independently and you would have been contacted by them regardless of whether you had previously submitted a claim. If the latter applies then you can argue that the company's involvement did not have anything to do with the pay out and that they should not be entitled to any commission. Also, you could potentially take a risk and not advise them hoping that they don't find out. The worst that could happen is that they then pursue you for what they believe they were due. S if you keep that amount to one side for a few years for any potential payout claim you will cover yourself. After 6 years they cannot claim against you legally anyway.


many thanks Ben very helpful

Ben Jones :

you are welcome

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