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I'm Jenny a I'm 56 and have yeras aI lived with a man.

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I'm Jenny a I'm 56 and have for 15 yeras aI lived with a man. His house is his and I know I have no claim on it but further I don't want any part of his house. The end of the relationship was not good to the point he frightened me and blackmailed me into giving him money out of my ISA which was for my children. He tried throwing out int the street with know where to go, it was through a sheltewr place I was told I had right and had to be given notice and time to leave. He insisted I give him £3276.70 to make his ISA £15000.00, which left my ISA with just over £5000.00. I gave into him has he was going to tell people OI took his pensoin and for the 2weeks I was there waiting for a keys to a house he wore me down. I transferes it from my ISA to my current account to his current account. Because he thumped me in 2013 and hasopenly addmitted he had his 2nd wife by the throat up against the lounge wall I didn't have much of a option plus he would have smashed my piano. Please there anyway that I can get my money back, I have not taken anything from the house not even the single bed he made it clear I only take stuff and things I moved in with 15 yrs ago. He is 68. I have had to start from scratch I'm not bothered about shared furniture but Iam bothered about my sons money. Regards Jenny

Hi Jenny - if this money was paid as a result of threat of violence and was not intended to be a gift then certainly you can claim it back. As matter of interest when was the house purchased and did you make any contribution to it? If you made any capital contribution e.g. paid for enhancements like an extension or a conservatory you might have a claim.
Equally if you paid for furniture then there is no reason to walk out empty handed. You may feel frightened and distressed now but in the future you may regret just abandoning everything. If you were together for 15 years and made a financial contribution to purchase of things then you have a clam .
You might find it best to get a solicitor to threaten him and at least get your money back
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