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, Mt step daughter has just informed me that a couple of

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Mt step daughter has just informed me that a couple of nights ago she was with another girl who went into a hotel and stole a charity collection box and set off the fire alarms. Now my stepdaughter is adamant she didn't do anything other than be there while the other girl committed the acts which Is caught on cctv. The other girl has since handed herself into the police and admitted it was her and my stepdaughter didn't do anything this happened less than 48 hours ago. Would it be best to take my stepdaughter to the police station and what kind of charges could be brought against her? We are thoroughly ashamed disgusted with her actions as she has never been in trouble with the police before
Jo C. : Hi. Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Jo C. : did she try to stop her in any way?

I don't think she did no


She says she told her not to do it

Jo C. : did she assist in any way at all

No just stood in the reception

Jo C. : Where wasthe box taken
Jo C. : taken from?

It was on a table in the reception area

Jo C. : Have the police tried to contact her so far/
Jo C. : I think the site is malfunctioning as we keep getting repeats

Not yet, I only found out about this this morning as it only happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Her friend went to the police station last night and handed herself in has both there names have been put on Facebook as the culprits.


Here is a message received from my step daughter


Me and phe went to premier inn at like 3 because there was a vending machine in there and everywhere else was closed. So we went in bought some crisps I sat on the chair and then she went and picked up this charity box and I told her to put it back because it was a stupid idea and she didn't listen to me and then we left and she was like I'm gonna set the fire alarm off and I tried to stop her again and she just kept trying to do it so I walked off

Jo C. : I would never normally suggest walking through the doors of a police station with your hands in the air.
Jo C. : However, I think you have limited option here.
Jo C. : If they other girl has named her then they will want to interview her.
Jo C. : Probably they will offer a caution which she doesn't want to accept on her instructions at this stage.
Jo C. : But don't just walk in.
Jo C. : Get a solicitor to make an appointment to surrender voluntarily.
Jo C. : The CCTV won't reveal what she said or did not say although it might reveal body language similar to a remonstration.
Jo C. : Unless her friend is going to give evidence against her though they will never prove what she did or did not say though.

So even though the cctv will show her walking away and trying to stop her she could still face criminal charges? She has no previous record

Jo C. : she could.
Jo C. : They could charge her.
Jo C. : this is to do with the law of withdrawal. There is case law that says that some offences are such that you have to physically try to stop an offender before you avoid liability as a secondary.
Jo C. : The question is whether words alone of discouragement will be sufficient.
Jo C. : Joint enterprise is quite news topical at the moment and generally does disadvantage youths.

Oh realistically we should be getting a solicitor rather than me and her mum taking her in?

Jo C. : Yes absolutely.
Jo C. : get a solicitor to call and negotiate and appointment to attend voluntarily.
Jo C. : Apart from anything else that will tell you whether or not they want to speak to her.

Ok thank you very much for your help

Jo C. : No problem,.
Jo C. : All the best
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