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two years ago my grandson was playing with a few friends in

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two years ago my grandson was playing with a few friends in his friends garden, they were practising swinging a golf club at a ball, when it was my grandsons go he swung the club and unknown to him one of his friends stood behind him resulting in his friend receiving serious injuries to his teeth. My grandson was distraught with this, however his parents spoke to my daughter and said that accidents happen and not to worry. His friend still came round to my grandsons house to play and were still friendly. A short time later this lad started accusing me grandson of deliberately of doing it on purpose. This carried on at school and this lads father even went to the school and accused him of picking on his son, over the last two years my daughter has had to go to the school and sort this out. It was found out that this lad was telling lies. Only the other day was the last straw when two police officers turned up at my daughters house and said that this lad had pressed charges for assault. The police officers interviewed my grandson and told my daughter not to worry only they thought that there was no case to answer, my daughter and grandson then had to go to the police station to a formal interview. They will know the result in a few days. The reason I am asking for advise is because the father of this lad is a serving police officer and has blatantly told lies about my grandson and got has own son to press these charges. I would like our knowledge to tell me what I can I do if no charges are brought against my grandson, can we press charges against this officer foe mentally harassing my grandson.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  LondonlawyerJ replied 3 years ago.

Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to help you with this.


I hope your grandson had a solicitor in the police station. If not, he should get one now. Is the allegation made by the other botyabout the golf club incident or about something more recent? How old is your grandson?


I think it unlikely that you would be able to bring any action in the event your grandson not being charged. All that means is that the police or the CPS have taken the view that they probably can not prove beyond reasonable doubt that your grandson is guilty, it is not a finding that he did not do the thing alleged by the other boy.

JACUSTOMER-x8zadzd8- :

It was about the golf club incident, the police officer who took the complaint from the other boys father told him that it would be thrown out because of what witnesses said, but he insisted on making the charge. The other boy said my grandson who was eleven at the time of the incident and is thirteen now hit him on purpose with the club and knocked him unconscious and when he came round my grandson was plying football with his other friend. The parents of the lad whose garden they were playing in said that was a lie. My grandson has had to endure two years of persecution from this lad and his father (the policeman) and it has effected him not only emotionally but made him loose confidence in himself. Awaiting your reply with interest.


What stage is this at procedurally? Has he been charged, has there been a trial or is he on police bail?