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I used a friends address as a postal address I also got things

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I used a friends address as a postal address I also got things on finance which I now realise I shouldn't have I'm paying for these that is not the problem the problem I have got is the goverment have now stopped her money because of this. They are telling her she A. Can't claim whilst these are still in her address?. B they are saying she will have to pay back what ever they have payed her sinse last April ? I still don't have a fixed address I stay at my sons or daughters or friends I like life this way and I'm now worried if I use 1 of there address's the same will happen to them? Obversly I won't be getting anything else on finance. But what can I do many thanks in advance
Alex Watts :

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Alex Watts :

Can you prove that you were not living at that address please?

Customer: I'm not sure how I would other then my children confirming I stay with them a couple of times a week and friends but would this be enough prof
Alex Watts : Don't you have council tax, voters register or bills to this other address.
Customer: No I have every thing at her address because I never had another fixed address or any 1 I trusted with my mail and I'm never in 1 place long enough to change it. I stay at my sons Monday Tuesday Wednesday my daughters Thursdays and Fridays some times Saturday even this isn't every week as gossble some days I stay at different friends houses I've been single for some time and like things this way life is easier. I speak to Lisa shes been a family friend for years Even go swimming with her son who I get on with well once a fortnight I even help her out with money now and again but didn't think for 1 minute I'd get her in to this sort of mess it started out as just a safe address to get letters sent to because I have always just moved around she was doing me a favour
Alex Watts : So why did you use a friends address when we wer staying at your sons for 3 nights?
Alex Watts : or why didn't you use a mailbox service ?
Customer: When I first returned to London 4-5 years ago I stayed at Lisa's at weekends and friends places and at the time and lisa was the only person I trusted I had been done before people trying to get loans out in my old address's. Then I needed an address to get a job which she agreed to let me use hers which I have used all the time.
Customer: i never thought of mailbox .
Alex Watts :

The problem you have is this.

Alex Watts :

Are you registered to vote or bills going to this address?

Customer: Just bills
Alex Watts :

Its bad news I am afraid.

Alex Watts :

You have bills there - it appears you live there

Alex Watts :

Your friend needs to appeal and it will go to a Tribunal. You need to attend and give evidence saying what the arrangement was.

Alex Watts :

The Tribunal will then decide whether they believe you or not

Alex Watts :

But from an outsiders point of view, you may struggle

Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

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