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Recently I contacted you with regards ***** ***** being arrested

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Recently I contacted you with regards ***** ***** being arrested for assault on his ex girlfriend and theft of her tools. This was last november.There was no medical evidence, no witnesses and had apparently been done on 3 separate occasions, 1 in April which was a slap round the face the 2nd in May/ June apparently pulling her out of bed by her hair and 3rdly in September where he pushed her away by her neck after she had punched him in the face and then she scratched his neck and bit him. The tools he hasn't got and although they had a search warrant they never used it and didn't look for them. In the iner she contacted social services on his sister and 5 children because he was then living with us (twice) contacted rspca about supposed assault on his dog where this was cleared and then this. Last November he was told it was his word against hers but was bailed til January. Then in January he got phone call to say he was re bailed til March and now he has yet again had another phone call saying he's been re bailed again til may. What could cause them to re bail him again. Thanks
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
I would get used to this. She will keep making allegations to get revenge and cause inconvenience. She will be displeased that her ridiculous claims are not getting anywhere.
The reason for the bail backs will just be that they are investigating. You do have to bear in mind that officers cannot give this twaddle their undivided attention as they will be dealing with many other similar attention seeking young ladies who use them as another limb of the welfare state.
He just needs to keep away from her, keep a record of her nonsense and compile a dossier and then when he can disprove two or three of her claims sue her for civil harassment. There is helpful case law on the point now.
He will also be able to use the false claims made by her as a bad character application against her should this ever get to court as indeed so will her subsequent partners against whom she will no doubt make allegations.
For future reference, never get involved with women who have a background of making allegations of abuse. Normal women get through their whole lives without ever even once summonsing up the police to play at a personal dispute.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for putting my mind at rest it's just that we thought come next week we could all try and put our lives back to normal after the intrusion of social services and the rspca coming with police and took the dog but he was returned a week later. After all this my daughter and son in law contacted a solicitor and got an intent to get injunction letter sent to her and so far nothing else has happened. The only other thing was the report from social services was inaccurate and damming and at present two complaints have been formally been put in against them. Thank you once again and sorry to bother you its just that we are a close knit family and she's completely destroying us.
Oh yes, I quite understand. Vexatious allegations are invidious.
You will find a very informative article about this here
The problem with this is that the ways in which men abuse are generally illegal. Generally speaking men abuse by being violent or sexually aggressive and there are offences that cover all of that. However, the ways in which women abuse are perfectly lawful on the whole. Female abusers are not usually violent but what they do is make false allegations, deny contact with children, take out injunction orders and then encourage breaches so that they can complain about them, withhold post and pretend to be the victim. All of that is completely lawful save for actually making a false allegation. Nobody is ever prosecuted for making false allegations and when people are you are lucky if their punishment is to be tickled with a feather duster.
However, there is a civil remedy now and people need to act.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your help and to a degree because she has been given the intent to get an injunction letter it has helped. It stated that she cannot go or get a third party involved with any future allegations to police, rspca, social services and so far so good nothing has happened been seen or done. Thank god. She's probably onto her next victim or God forbid she gets her daughter back poor kid, hopefully the justice system will work properly and do their job and not let an innocent child anywhere near her especially as she has two children by different fathers and the both have been taken away and live with their respective fathers parents and she was done for neglect and abuse of a child. Let's pray
Yes, you are absolutely right.
Usually you only need one single action. They do it because they think it is consequence free. When they discover it is not it comes to an end fast enough.
The fact that he has taken this action will help her next victim though. I am defending in April in a case where a former partner has an injunction against the alleged victim and it is going to be hugely helpful to the person she is accusing now.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok thanks
No problem.
All the best.