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What is regarded as a reasonable time frame course provider

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What is regarded as a reasonable time frame for a course provider to issue certificates of completion? In December 2014 i completed an Emergency Medical Technician course and renewed my FAW instructor qualification yet the course provider have still not issued my certificates of completion. I have spoken to the company and they keep giving me excuses about waiting for one more certificate to be be released but i know that the company issue their own EMT certificates. I require the certificates as proof of course completion with my employer.
Ben Jones : Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. Was there a contract or agreement which stipulated when the certificates would be issued?

Hello Ben.


There was no mention of certificate issue in the course sign up but i verbally stipulated at the end of the course that i required the certificates as soon as possible and have re-stipulated this every time i have spoken to the company asking for an update on the certificate issue. The company self issues one of the certificates.

Ben Jones :

Is the employer willing to wait or do they require then urgently?


I require the certificates urgently and my employer has been waiting since December 2014 and are losing patience.

Ben Jones :

What is a reasonable time will depend on the specific circumstances, the size of company, the procedure for issuing them, resources, what was promised and so on. It could vary considerably from one organisation to the next. Obviously prolonged delays of months will be unreasonable in all circumstances but when it comes to shorter delays then it is difficult to say exactly what is reasonable.

In this specific case, the company issues at least one of the certificates so one would expect that within the couple of months since completion they would have been able to issue it. They may not be able to issue the other certificate as any delays are outside of their control but it does not stop them from issuing the first one in the meantime.

I know you have already contacted them about this but it may be time to put a bit more pressure to try and get what you are due. You may wish to consider contacting them and advising them that you now treat this as an unreasonable delay and something that is likely to be a breach of contract so you are giving them a set time to comply by, say a week. Advise them that if they cannot provide you with the certificate by then then it would be treated as a formal breach of contract as you have not received what you have paid for and you will seek to recover the costs of the course as without the certificate it is of no use.

In the meantime try to see if they can just confirm completion of the course with letter or similar so that you can at least show the employer some proof that you have done the course.


Thank you Ben, i will contact the company today with your advice.

Ben Jones :

you are welcome, hope it moves things forward

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