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I was discriminated against in 2006 after having suffered a

Customer Question

I was discriminated against in 2006 after having suffered a heart attack.
In the same year I was bullied into accepting A 2 week break, too celebrate my 50th birthday. My wife and I flew to South Africa, we did want 3 weeks holiday at the time to see relations. 3 people before me did have 3 weeks holiday, and after my holiday somebody got married at the same company and had 3 weeks off.
In March 2011 I booked 2 days holiday in May, to go to a wedding in London.
On the Monday of the week of the Wedding, my clock card was clearly marked 2 days off Thursday & Friday.
The same week I was told by the supervisor my holidays had been canceled.
And my clock card had been tipexed out.
In August 2011 same year I was forced to leave this job having had 2 Shoulder operations, and the consultant informing my doctor that I could not do the same work anymore.
The company would not offer me any different work.
I have since retrained to be a driving Instructor
I did work for the company for 10 years as a sheet metal worker and at the time did have some qualifications where I maybe could have trained has a production engineer in the office
I am earning at least 18,000 a year less now because of the situation I am in.
Could I make some kind of claim against this company or not.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Kasare replied 3 years ago.
Hi thanks for your question.
Unfortunately you are long since out of time to make a claim against the company.
A claim could have potentially been submitted for the termination or dismissal for ill health in 2011, but it should have been no more than 3 months after your termination.
I am sorry that this is not the answer you were likely hoping to receive, but it I have to advise you appropriately.
Expert:  Kasare replied 3 years ago.
Hi Michael
Was there anything else regarding this matter that I can assist you with?
If not, I'd be grateful if you would rate or accept my answer when you get a moment.
Many thanks