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Kasare, Solicitor
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I was left a property abroad by my father in his will. Since

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I was left a property abroad by my father in his will. Since he passed his soliciotor has died and i have no other contact number or way of getting hold of the will. How do i go about finding the will and proving my right to the property??

Hi, thanks for your question, I will assist you with this. Was the solicitor in the UK or abroad?

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Hi Leon, you say that this solicitor was abroad - could you please advise what country?
How were you notified of this inheritance? Did you receive correspondence? A copy of the will? If you can give me as much information and detail as possible, then I will be better able to advise you appropriately.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi the house is in jamaica I was notified by the solicitor during the funeral wake he told me as my father had re married it was written in the will his current wife live her life out in the property then it becomes mine upon her death. I never received anything in writing just given contact numbers and assured that anything I needed answered would be done upon calling the solicitor who has now passed away. A few years before my father passed he took me to a bank in Jamaica and got me to sign some forms but did not explain what they were to me.

Hi Leon
I will be honest with you, as a solicitor of England and Wales, I have no experience in Jamaican law.
However, there are a number of practical things you could do - which is the same as what I would recommend someone in the UK to do - to try and track down the will and/or documents, if in fact that exist.
1. Speak to your fathers wife if she is still alive and if you have an ok relationship with her to find out if the solicitor returned any of your fathers documents to her.
2. Check with the Jamaican Bar Association ( to see if they have any details of this solicitor - note it is not compulsory for a lawyer to register with them - and if so, if they are aware of any other practice that took over his files.
3. Write to law firms in the local area to find out a) if they took over the files from this lawyer and b) if they have a copy of your fathers will. If there are too many, you could look to appoint one firm in Jamaica to undertake this search on your behalf.
4. Check the Will and Land Registries to see a) if there is a registered will and b) who owns the property (if of course you have the details of the property).
5. If you remember the bank, you could write to the bank to see if they hold copy wills for clients and if they have a copy.
If you are based in the UK it is perhaps best, ***** ***** can afford it, to instruct a local lawyer to undertake all of these searches for you.
I hope this assists you. If you have any further questions please ask.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you I will contact his wife and see if she can help any further. Would you have any idea of the cost to instruct a solicitor to perform the relavent searches for me. I'm guessing I would need some paper work specifically stating my name as my father us not on my birth certificate either so proof of relation may also be hard to do without a will I'm guessing

I am afraid as it is a different jurisdiction I would not know the cost of using a lawyer locally in Jamaica.
But I wish you well on your quest!