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my vehicle was damaged in a car collision and was not drivable.

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my vehicle was damaged in a car collision and was not drivable. it has taken over 4 years, the vehicle is now repaired. it has been in my garage all the time. I wasn't aware that I had to declare a SORN. I want to get the vehicle taxed and insured now. what do I do? should I contact the DVLA? I have been advised to put the vehicle in a different name, but that is not being truthful. can you advise please?
Hi, thanks for your question.
Have you not received any notices from DVLA to tax your car during this period or any other correspondence from them? If so please confirm what.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I work away from home overseas I have been in Eurpope and London mainly. I return home only for a day or so to see my mother who lives with me. she has a mental illness, I do check the post, but I don't believe I have received any notice letters. I wasn't expecting to receive anything as I naively didn't know I had to make a SORN.

I have the vehicle repair receipts as the vehicle has just been repaired last week. it is not being driven and parked in my garden. will I be fined? or can I just explain to the DVLA? - it is an honest mistake..

Hi Ruby,
You could simply try to tax the car now and see what happens. You can renew your road tax online, providing you have the vehicle’s V5C owner certificate and that the information on the V5C is correct and up to date. Here is the link - If the system does not allow you then you will have to contact DVLA.
I should point out that even if it does allow you to tax the vehicle, it may prompt a letter from the DVLA seeking information about the unpaid tax over the past 4 years.
The Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002 provides that it is your duty to inform the DVLA from the date the vehicle become unlicensed. Whilst I accept this may have been an honest mistake, it is up to the DVLA what they do. Failing to pay vehicle tax can result in a fine of up to £1,000, as well as being ordered to back-pay all of the tax that you missed. The DVLA may accept this was an honest mistake and not fine you but seek all the unpaid tax, or they may accept your explanation if you can provide evidence.
I would recommend contacting the DVLA to explain the situation and try and avoid receiving a fine or demand.
There really is no point in changing the name of the owner of the vehicle as if there is an outstanding back tax or fines as a result they could still pursue you for this. In addition, it is considered an offence to make a false declaration, which that would be by changing the name of the owner.
I hope this assists you.
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