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Claire since the contact order in june which originally

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hi Claire since the contact order in june which originally was for every Saturday 2 hours at the contact centre In warrington and the it became 3 hrs at the Leicester contact centre and then in January it still was supervised by the grandma but moved 4 hours and then 5 from march still supervised at the grandma house and he cant tale my daughter out.
since june my ex has missed 6 visits and will be issing another 2 for easter as going on a religious based holiday and I have missed 3 and will missing another 1 as going on holiday all 4 of my Saturdays have been missed due to halfterm and me taking the children on holiday, my ex's have been missed due to work commitments, holidays and a family domestic involving his brother.
we need to prepare a statement for the court to propose future proposal. it is transparanet that all Saturdays are not being adhered to so while I know he will still push for all Saturdays I want to propse either contact now moves once a forntnight or every Saturday but halfterm Saturday contact missed as I go away apart from the july as a long break. I know court like to see fairness so I want to be fair and I think I am offering affair deal.
I am happy to substitute the Saturdays that wont have face to face contact with a telephone call
does this sound fair and whils I know you cant guarantee the outcome but based on my reasons do I have the chance of this being accepted
Thank you for your question.
Do you trust Grandma to care for the child properly?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no, there has been issues whereby the grandma is not always present and also it was agreed that there should be no other party except grandma and my ex however on the 14 feb there was a lady who was present whom my daughter calls special auntie and said was "daddy friend".The lady told my daughter not to tell me she has seen her and she will get her more toys howvwer my daughter told me. there have been instances where his sisters have come and they make it very clear to my daughter that they cae to drop her toys but I find that hard to believe that as its the same excuse every other week all this has happened within just 6 weeks of it moving out from the contact centre.

I understand courts don't like the centre so even though I will be highlighting all these issues I feel that I am forced to agre to be at the grandparent but disagree on the contact hours being expanded.

as soon as the contact moved to the grandparent my ex already fel he had the authorirty to end letter fromhis solicitor requesting to take her on holiday with the grandmother presnt for 7 nights which I find quite surprising his solicitors have sent as the order clearly states that this arrangement is under review as the courts were aware I wasn't confident with the grandmother supervising but they wanted me to give it ago and it clearly states that I can bring it back to vary the order in the interim if strong misbehaiviour is shown.

I feel like I should just wait for the 22 april and just submit all in my statement saying even though I didn't bring it back to court however I disagree in contact hours expanding

What objections do you have to his sisters seeing the child?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

they undermine my mothering skills and I find they can manipulate the situation and create issues when there are none, in the pat thy have told my daughter they will get her a better mum than me... it was the judges decision to have no one present only the grandmother and my ex. as I was reluctant for the contact to move out of the centre

in the past the sistes have been aggressive and abusive towards me and i had evidence text messages where one of the sisters said she is a better mum than me. I am no good mother and also she wil get my daughter a new mumand the fwin report from the police confirmed when they attended a domestic his the police officer observce the family were one sided. also his sister was responsible originally to supervise the contact however she failed and the contact was breached which is why another reason contact was in a centre.

If you wish to reduce the contact to once a fortnight then you have to offer something in return - either all day contact or overnight contact when it does take place.
You are also going to have to accept that in the future contact will involve other family members
I am sorry - I know that this is not what you wish to hear - but it is what the court will expect
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